“Love and Life are Like Gardening”

Once there was a gardener and he was very successful to the point that his garden was so beautiful that people came for hundreds of miles to see his creation. And everyone wanted to know his secrets to growing all those beautiful flowers, fruits, and veggies, and this is what he had to say.

Love and Life are Like Gardening

Flowers are Like People – They need to be tended too and loved. But not just regular gardening, that won’t work, flowers need to be talked too, they need to be nurtured, and they need to have lots of loving kindness lavished upon them. And it has to be from the heart, not just empty words, words with feeling that emanate from the soul. Thus when a flower blooms it’s just like a person finally understanding the language of love, who takes the love into their roots thus nurturing their life. Every year during the winter I tend to the roots of the flowers, by giving the roots extra loving care. More nutrients while the plant is dormant creates an powerful boost… so they will thrive later. The same goes for people, sometime people are not active but they are taking everything in around them. And when they see other people being loving and kind, they too learn to be loving and kind… and thus they bloom and thrive.

Fruits are the Gifts of Love – Plants bear fruit because because of love. Just like people who’ve been surrounded by love, people who go on to be successful and loving people themselves. Take a child and lavish love upon him or her and they will thrive, and become someone who cares for the one they see in the mirror and other people. Too much love and a child will never extend his reach, if someone is always doing everything for a child they never learn. It takes time and understanding to give the right amount of nurturing love to allow a child to grow. Sometimes just standing back and allow them to fall down and take a tumble is important, but at the same time always be there for them… and encourage them with every step.

Great Veggies Come from Learning Wisdom – With trial and error I’ve learned which nutrients create the best veggies. And the same goes with people, everyone has to go through their own learning stages to attain wisdom. There will be ups and downs in life, and sometimes their will be growth, and at other times their will be no growth at all. But with each challenge something new is learned and thus the garden of their soul thrives. Thus it’s takes a good gardener a long time to learn which weeds need to be pulled up, then ground up, composted and digested, and made into fertilizer. And the same goes for life, we will have many painful weeds come up in our life. And the best way to deal with weeds is to pull up, grind them them up and add a dose of love. And that love will change that weed into wisdom which will allow life to thrive.

But Most of All It’s All About the Soil – If a tree is planted in a spot where their is poor soil the tree will be weak and will not bloom or bear fruit. But if the tree is planted in a spot with rich loamy soil the tree will grow strong, have lots of flowers, and bear great quantities of fruit. The same goes for people, if a child is loved, and has people around him who care to the point that he knows that no matter what he does, and where they go, he will be loved. He will grow strong, create a beautiful life which attracts great people into his life, and bear the fruit by helping other people.

So in general gardening is very simple, we need love. And then more love, and it doesn’t matter if the love is reciprocated or not. Eventually given enough time love will do it’s job and allow a tree, or a flower, or a plant or even a child to thrive, and make life better for everyone around them. And it doesn’t matter if that person is the head of a large country, a simple gardener, or a doctor, or anything else, love is the most vital nutrient of all for success.

Love is the key to everything!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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