“Some Throw Stones When They See Fruit on a High Limb”

When fruit hangs from a high limb some throw stones to knock it down. This is the nature of man, we see something beautiful and the way we deal with it can be positive or a challenge.

Some Throw Stones

We all see life from a very different perspectives, everyone of us is different. We are born into different families, are raised with different attitudes, and have varied experiences as we grow. And because of that we all see things from a different view point. This also means that our thoughts about anything are different, our actions are different, and our ways of dealing with life are much different.

Thus their will be those who see the fruit on the high limb and will throw rocks to try to knock it down. That is normal even though the fruit may be buried and may break open in the process. Then there are those who will give up and just look up and see that the high fruit is unattainable. And there will be those who will get angry and curse the fruit. And there are those who will climb the tree in order to pick the fruit and keep it safe. Everyone of these ways of dealing with the fruit work, none of them is better or worse than the others, it’s all supposed to happen according to the great plan.

And it’s really not much different from having a great saint, avatar, or God incarnate come to this plane and have people interact with that great one in different ways. Some will feel threaten and thus will try to do harm to them even though they have no clue about them. Some will feel indifferent and walk away, and some will sit listen and learn, and some will curse the ground they walk on. And it’s important that all of these people stick to their path, because sooner or later they will move through higher realms of karma. and thus in this life or another they will start to see things from a different perspective.

The good always provoke many different responses from those around them. And no matter how people judge the great avatars, saints, and God incarnates they never take issue with those who have negative responses to what they are talking about. In fact they feel sad for them, even Jesus said “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. And so it is… that those who are full of anguish caused by anger, hatred, and greed will strike out at those who are full of love. It’s to be expected, it’s normal, and it’s just the way things are.

Comments by those full of anger… about those who are full of truth should not be taken to heart. Sooner or later truth will overcome, it may take hundreds of years but truth never fades away, and untruth sooner or later disappears. At certain times throughout history it may seem that untruth has over come truth. But if we take a long step back and see the whole picture over hundreds of years, eventually truth does triumph.

And this is another reason why all the greats were never affected by those who offered praise, those who scoffed, and those who shrank back. The great saints come to make a difference in the lives of everyone, and especially those who are suffering by giving them hope. All the great avatars, saints, and God incarnates do not think of themselves are great, they only think about what they can do. Their greatness does not come from those who call them great, or does their greatness become diluted by those who cast falsehoods upon them. Those who are called “Mahatmas” or the Great Ones are stead fast in knowing that they are doing their work… and nothing else matters.

Even when wolves howl in the middle of the night calling to the moon, it does not go on forever. And so too those that bear false witness against those who are full of truth sooner or later give up and let go. And that is why all the great avatars, saints, and God’s incarnate bear all honor and dishonor with the same love. For whatever comes their way they treat with loving kindness, that is the will and the way of those who seek truth, those who love deeply, and those who allow all anger to leave their being.

May we all be filled with the same great truths, and thus be able to bear all the slings and arrows that come our way.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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