“Be Like Light – Be Like Water”

It’s important to give up all worry to our Higher Power. And when we pray it’s vital that we say “Thank You for everything, You give and You take away, all for my highest good”.

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It’s crucial that we let go of thinking about all the consequences of what might be. That is contrary to surrendering to our Higher Power. When we worry that any challenge did not end with our desired outcome we’ve already demonstrated that we don’t believe in the love of our creator. Thus we’ve demonstrated what we feel inside. Take the word demonstrated, it contains “demon” and “strated”, and the first part shows us… that we are our own worst enemy when we give up on faith. And thus that part of a word “strated” like stratum means we place ourselves in a different group, on another level separate from our Higher Power.

Yet we know deep down inside that nothing escapes our Higher Power. That which is omnipresent and omnipotent knows everything. Thus it’s very crucial that we put aside all thoughts of wondering how things will end, or what will happen in the future, this only shows our Higher Power we don’t have faith. Surrender is saying “Here take care of all of this, worry will not change anything, I give it all up to You”. Thus our Higher Power may take a totally different path than what we were expecting… but does it really matter? No matter what we do, and how we stray our Higher Power will always be there to carry us when we fall.

We pray, but most of the time we want everything solved in the way that “We” decide best. Instead of knowing that there are millions of ways to do anything. It’s kind of like going to the doctor and telling the doctor exactly what medication should be prescribed, and that’s very prevalent right now. Pray “I give all of this worldly life up to You, all of this material realm is under Your power, do as You will with me, You know best”.

Sometimes we see disasters and think everything is getting worse, and we become frustrated and full of anxiety and stress. When this happens it’s important to close our eyes and say, “Thy will be done, take care of all of this, it’s much more than I can bear, it’s up to You”. But to pray like this and not have great faith is like trying to buy a bus ticket and taking money out of one pocket and putting the money into another pocket. The money does nothing, nothing changes… and we are still in the same place.

Our heart is total perfection, our soul is nothing but light, thus it’s important to strive to become more like the light and have great faith like water. Water will always run down hill, that’s the nature of water. Water in it’s own way has a will, and water uses that will at all times, water does not think about “Should I run up hill or down hill” there is only one way to go. And water may come upon many obstacles, but water does not stop. Water moves around obstacles with great force, and eventually over times wears away that which does not move. This process is the same as faith, faith is the water of the soul… which moves away all things which seem impossible to move.

Be like light, light is powerful, a single match can light a room and remove all shadows if we allow it to do so. Thus even the smallest of flames is full of faith.  A small flame contains enough faith to light up the world, allowing all that exists in the darkness to be washed away in brilliance. One does not have to be a powerful torch at this point, that will come later. For right now be a match, and strike thy self upon the rough edges of the world. And allow thy brilliance to remove all fear of the shadows… thus frustration and anxiety melts away.

And by lighting the match of thy soul upon the world, thy powerful light will fans the flames of others who are waiting to expose the world for what it is, nothing but pure love… if we allow ourselves to see it that way.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider




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