“Two Areas of the Brain and their Connection to Love”

There are two specific and different areas of the brain that are very important, one controls all analytical thought, and the other controls all thoughts of honesty and love. And science has shown that both of these areas of the brain cannot be activated at the same time, it’s either one or the other.

“Two Areas of the Brain and their Connection to Love”

Take for instance when we are counting, and taking inventory the analytical area of our brain is activated. And this area of the brain is also where the need for power, control, greed, and envy also take place. But when we are giving of our time, helping others, being their for those who are less fortunate and giving love, another area of the brain is activated.

But most of all science has found that both of these areas of the brain cannot be activated at the same time. We either have the analytical mind going or we have our center for love, kindness, and caring activated. It’s not to say that the analytical part of our mind is good or bad, it’s just what it is. Our analytical brain has a limited ability to understand feelings… it only connects to things it can quantify. While the other part of our brain which is directly related to love has a hard time understanding analytical ideas.

And thus our brain has a limited capacity to connect the two areas together in fact none at all. Being analytical, cold, calculating, and needing power is just one aspect of who we are. This probably came about from the need to take care of the body and harvest food, and make sure we had enough to survive on. And the other area of our brain is just the opposite. This part of the brain is all about being altruistic, caring, giving, and having the capacity help those in need.

Perhaps this is the ultimate direction of our growth as human beings over the next millennium. Perhaps the analytical part of our brain is supposed to take a step back thus allowing the loving, kind, and caring part of our brain to thrive and move us forward in the coming age. Right now we have lots of people who are using their analytical part of their brain to create lots of wealthy, lots of power, and lots of control over others. And because they live in this world of the analytical brain, they have very little ability to understand those who live with their loving brain activated.

Is this the next stage of growth for all human beings? Will we will allow the analytical mind to take a back seat to that part of our brain which controls love. We have lots of analytical people running the world now. Perhaps it’s time for the loving part of our brain to evolve into something which will save us from those who only use their analytical mind.

It’s time for us to evolve, it’s time for us to take our rightful place in the cosmos as caring souls. Is it time for us to allow that which is only interested in numbers and power to fade away, they have been in control for a long time, in fact thousands of years. In reality it’s up to every single person to allow their loving part of their mind to grow, to be activated all the times, thus allowing the loving mind to pervade every aspect of their life… thus we change the world.

Teaching the world to use their loving caring part of their brain, is this what Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and many others were talking about? Allowing the analytical part of the brain to be shut down and thus allowing the honest, caring, and kind part of the brain to thrive? Perhaps that’s exactly what they were talking about, to stop listening to the analytical mind and start listening to the loving mind. To start living simply, to be humble, and to allow the heart or what we call the loving mind to take over and care for humanity and the planet.

So basically it’s up to us, we have to decide when enough is enough for allowing the analytical mind to control the world. We have to decide if we want a world ruled by the analytical mind for the next millennia, or a world ruled by the part of our brain which is loving and kind.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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