“All Healing Will Be Free in the Future”

In the age we live in, every bit of healing costs us money, be it going to the doctor, buying medications, finding out information and more. But that will not be so in the future. Everything will be free, all healing will be given with love, and everyone will be willing to help.


Right now we have to have insurance to make sure we don’t get sick. We have to pay someone when we are sick, and when we are healthy we also have to pay. Yet when we become ill our health insurance might even be taken away from us or our premiums become so high that we can’t afford to make payments. And some people lose jobs and have tragic things happen in their lives, and thus can’t afford to pay for health insurance.

Within 10 years all of this will change.

In many countries in Europe right now if someone becomes ill they have free health care. In fact we have a friend who lives in Germany and just retired and he has free health care from the day he is born until the day he dies. And he has a great pension of over $3,500 dollars in US money a month. And we have a friend in Norway who is a veterinarian and she makes a good living and has a mandatory 2 months of vacation. And because her husband is a farmer so they usually take their vacation during the winter.

Plus in some countries right now people work 12 months a year and are paid one extra months wages in order to have spending money for vacation. Because their country knows they have regular expenses to pay for during the year… and because of that they will not have money to pay for a vacation, and everyone needs ta break to get away. Thus they are given them extra money every year so they can take the kids and go on vacation.

We have a good friend who lives in Europe and he became very ill. He went to the doctor and his doctor told him it was stress, and the doctor prescribed 3 months at a health spa all expenses paid, plus he still received his salary from work. So he went to the health spa and was taken care of like a king, with special meals, exercise classes, regular massages, and so much more. And when he came home people barely recognized him, because he was rejuvenated, healthy, and youthful compared to before.

Our time is coming, we have a whole new generation of people who don’t want the same old system. They want a new society full of love, and new society full of life, a society where all healing is free, a new society that cares about new born babies and the elderly and everyone in between. A society with heart, a society which cares for every single person, no matter who they are and what they do. It’s time for the old ways of money controlling people and not allowing our society to flourish to die… because the system never worked and never will.

It’s time for a brand new society, a new way of healing, a system where people are cared for and loved just because they exist. This new society is brewing as we speak, this new society is being cultivated in the minds of every single person, it’s in the background of every single conversation. And in the very near future, our society will come full circle to give life to a whole new way of caring for people.

Yes their will be resistance to change, but nothing has ever held back change in the long run. It’s inevitable, change is the way the world, thus we take one step towards a new future where all life changes, and a society becomes healthy. Like a tree we that grows tall and strong, a tree that embraces the elements, a tree that drinks up nourishment, we embrace the soil and learn from Mother Nature which always embraces change.

This is a God Process—it can’t help but go forward

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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