“What to Do When People Scorn and Laugh”

A person said the other day, “I take care of my body, eat right, meditate, put away food and money for the future, I have many rituals and routines but everyone says I’m being foolish and wasting my time. What should I do? It makes me feel bad that people feel this way.” Here is what to do.


There will always be those who scoff – There will always be those who scoff, take no heed of what they are saying. Even Jesus was chastised and taunted by all those who did not want to change. And Confucius was willing to say the truth but no one wanted to hear the truth. Even Daniel when he was asked by King Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon what he thought would happen he said “Oh dear king, do not ask what you don’t want to hear, for I shall speak the truth”. And thus it is that we are to speak the truth, and many times that truth will not be welcomed or even wanted. But those of great power and love within are not detoured, they keep moving forward with the love they possess inside. Just Smile and keep moving on.

All the greats were scoffed at – Just Smile and Keep Moving Forward.

Listen to Your Heart –  Remember “To Thy Own Self Be True” listen to what your heart is saying. There are many great examples of people walking to the beat of a different drummer and coming out the others side victorious. Even Einstein was scoffed at, but he always listened to what his heart was saying. This is important because on the average society doesn’t like change, and individuals hate change because it means they have to move out of their comfort zone. Even if their comfort zone is painful they would rather stay stuck than change. It’s only those who are courageous enough to embrace change that are truly the winners in life. They are the ones that make the breakthroughs in life and change the destiny of a nation and the world with new and amazing dreams.

Anything new, anything out of the ordinary is laughed at – Follow Your Heart. 

Walk Away – Walk away from those who want to cause pain and suffering. Even as Jesus was on the cross he looked up and said “Forgive Them Father for They Know Not What They Do”. In our daily lives we encounter people who like to inflicting pain and suffering on others. In fact just the other day a man who has a little dog would look at his dog and say “You are Ugly” and the little dog would run away whimpering—True Story. Then the little dog would come back and he would say, “No that’s not true you are a beautiful dog”. There is no rhyme or reason as to why people say or do what they do. Many times they don’t even know themselves what their reasoning is for doing what they do. They just feel like doing  or saying something and do it, there is no sense of right, wrong, or doing something that’s going to hurt another. Thus it’s up to us to walk away from these people, and try to emulate those who are full of love, those who came to uplift mankind… that is our true mission in life.

Walk Away, tomorrow is another day, forgive, forget, and move on. 

It takes a bigger heart to walk away, it takes a bigger heart to keep moving forward, it takes a much bigger heart to hear scathing words and still wear a smile. It takes a bigger heart to take on the world with all those who seek to destroy and manipulate. It takes a bigger heart to keep focused and demonstrate that there is a greater will that is to be followed. A will of great love, a will of great peace, a will of contentment and perseverance even in the face of overwhelming odds.

But the more one takes these three ways of moving forward and healing mankind to heart the more they become natural. But it’s never easy when someone says something mean and terrible there is always a twinge in the heart. And it’s takes great inner peace to wish them well and even bless them and walk away.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider




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