“One Path to Seeing the Divine”

When we look out at the world we see trees, the city blocks, and the sky. But if we want to look at an atom we have to use specialized equipment to allow us to delve into the unseen realms. The same goes for seeing that which is divinity, there is no difference, and if we want to find peace there are many special ways of looking within.

One Path to Seeing the Divine copy

Study – Study of those things which bring the mind closer to love and peace brings about a sense of wholeness which creates joy. For whenever we study anything which creates anxiety we become disconnected, fearful, and uneasy. If one is to study the concepts of integrating peace into our lives at the end of the day we have a great sense of accomplishment plus a feeling centeredness. Thus it’s important to study those things which bring love in our own lives and eventually bring love to everyone on the planet.

Our ability to concentrate on one thing at a time is also of utmost importance. Thus it’s important to teach the monkey mind to settle and sit in one place long periods of time. And as the mind is taught how to love peace and quiet the more joy we create within. Thus the more the mind is trained the more enjoyment we find in life without looking to the outer world. Everything comes from within, all peace, all joy, everything important is there waiting.

Inner Wisdom – Everyone has innate wisdom within, what some might call common sense. It comes from listening to the God within which creates us those gut feelings, those feelings in our heart, and that hunch that nagging feeling telling us that something is important. The more we go inside and listen to that innate wisdom. The more joy and peace we have not only inside but also in our daily lives.

Inner Sensitivity to Feelings – Our inner sensitivity is our the ability to perceive that which is not analytically present. We may see one thing with our eyes but sense another. And the more we become a tune to this inner sensitivity, the more we are cared for by our Higher Power. Perhaps we are looking at a tree but have a sense that the tree is more than just a tree, it’s a symbolic representation of life itself. Thus instead of just walking away we say a prayer and pay homage to the tree as part of Mother Earth. And those who become more aware of their inner sensitivity are divinely guided as they traverse their path.

Unification – Taking in the world we use synthesis to bring together of what we know from study, inner wisdom, and our inner sensitivity to create a landscape of the divine. That landscape looks different from what most people see, in fact very different.

3 out of 4 of these aspects are not thought of consciously. Most of them happen automatically as a response to sensory input from the world, if we make them a habit. It’s like learning martial arts, with practice all the moves become automatic. Thus over time we don’t have to think about anything. When something happens we are ready, and the repetition creates rewards. If we catch ourselves and respond instead of allowing our old habits to take over, we can change life in amazing ways. Thus allowing the divine to flow through us and around us with every step. Great Masters know this, feel this and teach this, and that is why all the great avatars have came to teach peace. If everyone in the world would concentrate on creating peace within there would be no wars, no strive, all hunger would end, and all animosity’s and challenges in the world would be a thing of the past. Thus it’s up to us to move forward to learn how to create peace within and teach others.

Tell Me – How many of you consciously or unconsciously use these 4 aspects of Unification, Inner Sensitivity, Inner Wisdom, plus Study to create joy and peace in your life? You might call them different names or they might not be named at all… but still used them.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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