“A Simple Way of Healing Anxiety ”

Our imagination is very powerful, and those who have used creative visualization know how powerful our imagination can be to heal the body, and even to heal the mind. Here is wonderful creative visualization process for soothing away anxiety.

Headphones and Relaxing

Sit down in a nice comfy chair and close your eyes and breathe deep. Now notice in your minds eye that you are sitting on a comfortable sofa, so soft that it’s like sitting on a cloud. And the more you breathe deep the more you sink warmly into that comfortable couch, feeling soothed, feeling relaxed, and feeling so at peace. Imagine someone you love very much standing before you, it could be your mother or father, or perhaps a grandparent, even Jesus or some nurturing figure in your life… or even a close friend.

Feel what you are feeling when you see them for the first time, what feeling are you feeling? A feeling of love? A feeling of peace? A feeling of being cared for? Now listen as they say “I Love You_______” (Fill in the blank with your name) and watch them as they say “I Love You_____” over and over again and again. Now what are you feeling in your body? And what are you feeling in your heart?

Next see that person walks over and sits down beside you, as they place their shoulder right up against your shoulder. You are connected to that person now, feeling what they are feeling. What are they are feeling inside? Is it love for you? Notice them turn towards you and reach out to embrace you in a wonderful hug, a hug filled with love. Feel their warmth, feel all their nurturing feelings as they hug you and hold you in the depths of their great love. Feel the warmth between you, feel their concern for you, and how much they want YOU to thrive and to be happy.

Next as you hold this loving person see their whole body turn into a beautiful golden light. A light of love, a light of peace, a light that is so inviting that you want to join that gleaming brilliance. And in an instant you too are transformed into a brilliant golden light. A light which is beyond comparison to anything you’ve every seen before. And then as both of you are still embracing you notice the two of you are melting together to become one. The light of love within both of you melts together, and both of you are enveloped in pure bliss.

And in an instant you are transported to a new place. A place filled with light, filled with calm, a place filled peace and joy. And every where you look there is nothing but beautiful light, and a great feeling of harmony, compassion, and loving feeling that spreads throughout this great and vast land. And in a few seconds you see lots of old friends and loved ones that you haven’t seen in years, because they past over to the others side of the veil. And all of you embrace and hold one another and feel that love that is all around you. There is no holding back, in this place all feelings of love are expressed. All feelings of love are displayed, and all feelings of caring and nurturing are felt so very deeply. Because all hearts are completely open… thus there is nothing but love in every heart. And because this feels is so amazing, every one of you stays embraced for a very long time. And in this place of love there is no such thing as time, time is just a thought, and thus everyone embraces for all eternity.

Now with the feeling of love within, you feel complete, and all feelings of separation disappear and great feeling of peace, contentment, and compassion fill your heart forever more. This is a new beginning, a fresh start… a new way of being.

Enjoy the day feeling loved.

Record this creative visualization in your own voice. There are even free recording programs for smartphones that will allow a person to record this whole process in your own voice without the need for anything special in the way of equipment.

Listen to this process first thing in the morning, and just before going to bed and anxiety will be a thing of the past.

Change this visualization in any way you like – this is your process.

Let me know how this works for you.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr Paul Haider




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