“The Three Channels of Light Within and Healing”

Karma is put in motion through previous lives, and we come back again and again in order to makeup for the many times when we lose our way. And Great Spirit puts tasks before us, those things that will nullify our past karma if we are willing to accept those challenges. Acceptance is the first step towards changing our karma. Once we accept our challenges we move forward one step at a time. Or we take another step back because we don’t accept the challenge.

Chakra Energy Centers

Chakra Energy Centers

Acceptance brings joy, love, and surrender, and surrender is not a bad thing,  acceptance is the process of letting go of our own will, and allowing His will to be done. For it says “Thy Will Be Done”, thus we move forward with joy accepting the process of cause and effect. And that great acceptance within happens not from the cognitive mind but from our soul which watches over the mind. And when our soul accepts everything that is brought our way with surrender, the mind/body becomes illuminated with light.

There are three channels of light that run the length of the spine to the brain. They consists of one center line of light and two outer lines of light. The center line of light everyone has, that is our normal connection to all the chakras and to our light emanating presence of the soul. But as we surrender to Divine Will the other two channels of light are activated, and thus our aura of white light takes over, and we start moving forward and cleansing away karma.

And when this happens the great consciousness of the divine opens up and there is no going back, there is only moving forward, thus awakening other people. The stronger these three lines of light become the stronger the aura of the soul, which spread out like a match in a darkened room. Plus all healing of the mind and body take place because of this great illumination which is fueled by the vibration of love, especially the vibration of gratitude for being alive.

Thus the light of these three channels fills the heart with love. And when we take the time daily to express our gratitude to the divine we recharge luminescence which explodes from the heart and heals everything in our being. At that point we let go of all questioning, all doubt, all criticism, and all feelings of lack and anger degrade the light, that send us into a state of sadness. Those with the three channels of light illuminated never go back, because they have learned how important it is to express love to everyone and everything, for love always comes back to the giver 1000 fold. For the average person of flesh and blood the body becomes weak because of worry and anguish. But for those who awaken the three fold channel all of life’s tribulations are but another way to express love for the divine.

Whatever path we choose is a divine process, guided by the love of Great Spirit. Karma cannot be taken away and resolved for us. But our angels and those who have come to express their love to the masses, are always there supporting us with words of love, thus keeping us moving in the right direction if we listen to our heart.

Those who have illuminated the three fold channel of light within, have learned to stop listening to the doubtful mind, the mind that argues which tries to pull them back into the depths of unending karma. Thus they move forward, unimpeded, they step away from darkness and into the light of love. When we have all three channels of light within we are unstoppable, we are staunch in our understanding of the power of love and keep moving forward no matter what happens and how life changes. And we never look back, we see the past as just the past, and we live in the present moment, allowing the future to unfold accordingly. Thus all apprehension disappears, we see life as a wonderful process full of love… every minute of every single day.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

How many of you have illuminated the three channels of light?

Dr. Paul Haider





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