“How to Overcome the Manipulation of the Media”

Right now more than ever we have lots of people trying to control the media and thus control the populace. Yet this has never worked in the long run in the past and will not work now. We have the power of consciousness which is the connection to that which is impossible to control.

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It has been said that if a you want to control the people you have to control the media. Media is the first thing that those who are full of greed and the desire want to take control of, and thus feed the populace what they want. This has been done down through history, be it the Greeks, the Romans, and even much further back in time. Yet in the long run their control fails, because there is no way to control the minds of the people, if they allow themselves to awaken and find the light of inner love.

And how do we find that light of inner love? Meditation! Meditation allows us to find peace and truth, and also the light of love, the light of connection to everyone else who is searching for truth. Take the indigo children who have come to this planet in the last few years. All of them say they are interconnected by a web of energy that reaches out to every single person. But the populace will need to awaken to the fact that this web of energy truly does exist. And the fact that we are not alone, and that we are interconnect without any kind of electronic device.

Many studies have been done with people in different rooms with ping pong balls over their closed eyes, so that they can’t see anything. And one person has to think about a specific object and transmit that image to the other person. And 86% of the time the other person receives that exact same image in his mind, and write down what he or she is seeing in their minds eye. And musicians have an even higher rate of transmitting and receiving images which is amazing. It’s all about vibration, we are vibrational energy, and musicians are deeply connected to vibration, and thus they have a great sensitivity to the vibratory connection of the divine.

Thus with practice all of us can connect to one another. We do this accidentally sometimes when emotional things happen in our lives. Such as when a mother feels the pain of her child, even though the child is hundreds or thousands of miles away. Most of the time we negate all those connecting feelings and thoughts, all those ideas, and all the connections that we have to the web of light. But if we start using that great connection, everything would change. There are a few people who understand the grand potential of this network, and see mankind uplifting itself in amazing ways. Yet so far this has not happened, because the upbringing of our children teaches them that all of this is weird and crazy. Yet we have the possibility to uplifting our children to a powerful place, a place which is beyond our comprehension. All it takes is excepting the fact that we are powerful.

We’ve been taught to be helpless, and that’s exactly what those in power want, they need masses of people who are easy to manipulate and control. But that’s a lie, we are powerful beyond belief… if we allow ourselves to open our minds to the powers we possess. Once we overcome our perceived helplessness, we will attain the ability to move too even higher states of consciousness, and thus even interact with the vast cosmos.

It’s been written in all the spiritual texts in one way or another “Be Still and Ye Shall Know My Name”. And thus that great vibratory “Name” which is all powerful expands our minds, expand our consciousness, and thus changes everything from that point on. It would be an amazing world if every single person would accept his power, except his innate abilities, and step out of the shadows of helplessness and embrace the light. We have the power, we were born with this power, and it’s time to overcome! I am waiting for this day, the timer is right, the time is now… it’s time to move forward.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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