“Crowd Sourcing a New Beginning for Mankind”

Whenever scientists comes upon a powerful change that’s so compelling that it changes our whole outlook on life people say, “That can’t be right, there’s no way for that can be real”. Yet down through history we’ve had profound breakthroughs that did change reality.


And later when that same scientific breakthrough is being used in our daily lives people say, “Well that didn’t matter in the first place”. And even later when that scientific breakthrough is common place people say, “Well that wasn’t very important to begin with and it didn’t even make a difference” thus mankind refuses to see the possibilities.

But as of late, the young people of the planet are looking at all the old ways of thinking, and thus devising new ways of exploring possibilities for the future. The old ways of looking at life which created our greatest challenges such as proliferation of nuclear weapons and the starvation of 45,000 children a day, have not worked to put an end to these challenges.

It’s important that our old beliefs be swept away, thus new templates and new examples of future possibilities are to be brainstormed and placed upon the table. Nothing is to be laughed at, every possibility is to be aired in the openness of love. Even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I believe that unarmed truth, and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”

And so it is that whatever world we choose to create needs to be full of love and truth. For love and truth are the cornerstones of all which is powerful in the Universe. All the dogmas of the past are to be let go of, and all the manipulation of the here-and-now are to be forgotten. With that done we can start a whole new life, a new fantastic reality made according to a wider frame of reference. None of this will be the brainchild of just one person, but a beautiful fragrance distilled from the minds of all the people of the world. With communication technology spreading around the world to every city, town, and village, and even in the densest jungles, we have the ability to come together and create a exquisite future for mankind.

Crowd sourcing the intellect of the planet has created new gene therapies, new ways of reconciling old health challenges, and even new ways of engineering modern marvels which were thought impossible. So why not use crowd sourcing to create a new ways of looking at life and to overcome our greatest challenges? It’s a no brainer, we have the ability to change everything if we come together to contribute small pieces of the puzzle.

All it takes is for us to create a question. And then create a data base of all the answers from around the world. And thus compile those answers into a super computer, thus we could have the answers to many of mankind’s greatest challenges within days. But this takes thinking outside the box, thinking without limitations, with the idea that love and truth are the ultimate destination.

It’s all very possible, this is being done now with other applications, but are we ready? Are we willing to come together to create a whole new way of living? Those are the great questions… we have the ability but are we ready?

It would take cooperating with everyone, caring about every situation, and considering every possibility and thus everything would have a final outcome “For the Good of the One and the Masses”. This is not science fiction, this is being done right now all around the world for other challenges, so why not use this process for this application too. It’s up to the world to decide, we have the capabilities, all we have to do is try. To not try is to say we don’t want to end all of these challenges, and thus permit them to be perpetuate to their final outcome… which no one wants. So again it boils down to humanity and what humanity chooses to do, we have the tools, all we have to do is use them for the greater good.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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