“Our Masks and Finding Inner Peace”

Here is a wonderful exercise which can help to expand our light of love and create inner peace. Taking a few minutes everyday to work on this exercise moves a person a little bit closer to their full expression of love.

Masks copy 2


This exercise can be done with actual paper and coloring pens, or it can be done just within the mind. Either think about a mask that one wears in public everyday, or cut out a mask with simple paper that can be worn for a few minutes. On the front of the mask write down all the aspects that the mask portrays to the world. And on the others side of the mask write down everything that the mask hides from everyone. Perhaps the outer mask shows to the world someone who is strong, happy, full of love, and at peace. While the mask hides all the pain, anger, and loneliness that we have inside, write it all down because it’s all important.

Most of us have two lives, we portray one thing to the public that’s our outer persona. And we have an inner life where we hide all the feelings that we are afraid to talk to about with everyone in the real world. This all comes from childhood conditioning, things we have learned as children that we take with us into adulthood. Sometimes we are told not to cry, or we are told to man up, or be strong no matter what. Or we may have parents that expose us to anger, hatred, and violence. But most of all when we have judgements put upon us, telling us to be different from who we are deep down inside that creates havoc. Thus we start to hide our feelings, do drugs, become depressed, and find other ways of expressing our feelings in negative ways. Or we suppress out feelings to the point that we need an outlet and finally join gangs, become violent ourselves, and eventually do harm to others and ourselves.

Everyone has feelings, and our feelings are normal and natural. We all have masculine and feminine parts of our being. And studies show that both men and women are about 90% the same when it comes to our feelings and our thinking. So it’s important to embrace both aspects of who we are deep down inside. And the more we integrate and balance what is written on both sides of the mask, the happier we become. When what we portray to the world is exactly what we have going on underneath the mask… our light of love starts to shine through and we become happy expressions of divinity.

If there is a big difference in what is written on the outside of the mask and what is written on the inside of the mask, then counseling, and finding a safe group of people to talk too and express our feelings is absolutely important. People need other people, we are not loners, we need to belong. And when we don’t have anyone to talk to or to express our feelings with, or we feel we are being labeled or bullied… then we feel alone and sad. We are all perfect just the way we are, we are full of love and light when we come into the world.

It’s time to balance both sides of the mask, by undoing the harm that society has done to our individual expression of love. In this day and age men are becoming more and more violent all the time. Our children are becoming violent because of violent video games, violent television programs, and violent movies. And some children are experiencing this at home with parents who are also feel angry and disconnected from their own feelings, and thus abuse and neglect their own children.

And there are good men and women who are wonderful examples of being able to express their feelings, and thus help others open up and express their feelings too. And we need more great role models who embrace their tender loving side. We’ve made great advances in this area in the last few years, but we still have lots of work to do.

The time is now, we can balance both sides of the mask and feel great about being alive.

Are You Ready?

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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