“Do We Compromise Our Integrity for Money?”

A majority of people, at least 60% work at jobs that they don’t enjoy. Some even have strong feelings about the company they work for, and don’t agree with what the company is saying and doing. Yet the employees say nothing, and bow their heads in subservience. Do we compromise our integrity for money?


When we don’t like what others are doing, and what the company is doing is not honest and truthful, do we have a moral directive to stand up and speak out? It would be interesting to take a poll of the numbers of people who would be willing to stand up and make a stand when their employers are doing something which goes against their moral fiber. That’s not to say that violence is needed in any way, shape, or form. But to peacefully stand up and tell the truth is very important. Perhaps that’s why right now we have so many who have devoted their lives to exposing what’s really going on in the world.

It’s easy look the other way and not acknowledge what’s really going on. It takes a lot more guts to speak out about moral challenges in our society. Even Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple, and others down through history have stood up and made a stand against those who had money and power. That’s not to say that any of that is easy, it’s not at all. But where is the dividing line? Where is that time of decision-making that makes a shift in the consciousness of mankind. We are ONE with the great expanse, we are ONE with God, the Universe, and the One and Only. So how is it that we can turn away when we see something that is going awry? Are we listening to the still small voice within? And does our silence allow the status quo to move forward? These are very important questions that everyone has to address in their own heart.

It says, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” in one of our greatest documents of all time. Yet are we allowing all of this to slip away because we don’t acknowledge the truth that we feel deep down in our heart to be brought forth? That’s a good question, and every single person will have to answer that question on their own by listening to their conscious.

Money is not something we can’t eat, a dollar bill is not very nutritious at all. And money only has a value because mankind gives it value. Yet down through history we’ve had lots of corruption take place because people value money more than their still small voice within. If we talk to people individually almost all of them value love, peace, and doing what’s right. But when no one is looking, when we are in a crowd, when others are doing the same thing we feel justified in doing exactly the opposite of what we value most. Peer pressure is an amazing thing and peer pressure can cause people to divert off their path of love and peace. Yet is that the cause of allowing what we don’t believe in to take hold and proliferate around the world in every sector of business?

A very interesting experiment was done with people giving electric shocks to people who were answering questions. And if they got a question wrong the other person would given them an electric shock. And when they progressed to get more questions wrong the shocks became stronger and stronger. At that point the shocks might even kill a person, (all of this we not real, the shocks were not given at all, and the one getting the shocks was an actor yelling in pain). But 99% of the people would continue giving the shocks even though those shocks would create great pain and might even cause death. Just because… that’s what they were told to do. It’s amazing what people will do if they feel they are told to do something, and they don’t feel responsible for their actions.

Is this what we have going on in this day and age?

Let me know your feelings— I would love to hear from you.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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