“End All Nuclear War”

Right now the US Marshall Islands have filed a lawsuit against all the nuclear powers of the world, to rid the world of nuclear weapons, and many of them have not even responded to their law suit. Having had a nuclear weapon detonated on their land they know how devastating these weapons can be. And we are inching closer and closer to the final outcome which the residents of the Marshall Islands are noticing… and want to make a stand to end this terrible escalation of nuclear capabilities. Do we sit back and allow all of this to unfold without voicing our challenge to the status quo? Or do we make our claim to the one and only planet which sustains life in our solar system and protect our planet at all cost?


It’s really up to us.

We’ve had many changes around the world. Our rivers and streams have turned green, then red, and then brown as prophesied, and after the nuclear devastation they will turn black. But do we sit back and allow this to happen or do we raise our voices and demand that peace reigns supreme on our planet? An amazing power which is even greater than all nuclear weapons lies dormant in each and every individual. That is the power of the essence of the ether, the great power of the Universe, God, and the One and Only. But when do we allow that great power to be unleashed upon the world with great peace to bring about the end of mass destruction? That’s a really good question. And we have to decide if we are willing to stand up and say “NO MORE”.

Peace is the ultimate goal, thus peaceful ways of reaching our goal have to be maintained. Gasoline poured upon a fire only creates more fire. Thus it’s important that those of us who are spiritual activist act like water, to douse the fires of anger. Anger only creates more of the same, thus it’s important to be like Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to accomplish our goal. Thus those who maintain truth in their heart, those who want to see their grandchildren grow up without fear, will march forward to end the craziness which began with fear and anger.

Fear is the opposite of love. Fear is the lack of acknowledgment of the one truth that all individuals on this planet feel deep within— we don’t want war. It’s up to us to make that change, up to us to become powerful and have a vision of a whole new world. Oh of course either way the final outcome will be great peace in the end after it’s all over. But if we go the route of mass destruction billions of people will die if we pick that scenario. But if we act and stand firmly and say “NO MORE” we can save countless lives. And yes we can stay planted in front of our TV sets not wanting to acknowledge what we have going on in the world. Yet would Gandhi do such a thing? Would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. do such a thing? They were both spiritual activist who stood tall even in the face of powerful challenges. Both of them knew when enough was enough, and were willing to put themselves on the line for what they believed in.

Are you willing to put what you believe on the line?

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider




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