“Creating Joy by Losing Control”

There is nothing more important than breaking free from control. Be it the control of others, or our own unconscious control that might be leading us astray. And at the same time we find our true purpose, great passion, and joy.

Jumping for Joy

Control in the lack of freedom, and freedom is the opposite of control. That’s why all the great saints and avatars were very free people. They were not controlled by anyone or anything. And in this new modern age are we completely free of control? Personally I have given up a few things because I want to be completely free of all those things that bind me. Giving up alcohol, giving up animal products, and giving up whims and desires, thus freedom emerges from within and a newfound joy takes over.

After that a new found purpose comes to the surface of our conscious mind. And having a driving purpose is vitally important for us to feel great about living life, and loving every moment we are alive. Purpose drives us forward, purpose gives us fortitude, purpose helps us overcome challenges, and purpose keeps us moving towards what we want to accomplish.

Take for instance a woman who lived to be almost 100 years old. She had a powerful drive to help young people, and especially helping kids who were in trouble with the law. And thus as a lawyer she would work free of charge to help young adults who needed help. Working through the court system in order to help these kids get back on track. Her work was so vital to her that other concerns became less important. Eating became a way of maintain life and not a sensory pleasure. She did enjoy eating, but her focus was all about helping others by being an advocate for young people in need. Thus with driving purpose in her life many other things became much less important.  We see this kind of drive in people like Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela and many others who have a driving purpose that fills them from the inside out. Thus their joy is created from within, through letting go of control and having a driving purpose that changes life forever… not only for them but also the rest of society.

Everyone has this driving purpose deep down inside, be it helping young people, the environment, or caring for the elderly. But when we have so much in the way of sensory pleasures getting in our way it’s almost impossible to find that purpose. So it’s important to let go… in order to have much more. This may seem contrary to what a lot of people believe these day and age, but this process does stand the test of time. Thus those with great conviction and passion are so excited about life that everything else takes a back seat to their purpose.

And what is purpose— but something we would do no matter if we got paid for it or not. Something that makes us feel alive, something that wakes us up  in the morning ready for another day. Ready to create a new sunrise within our own heart. A central focus in our life that awakens everything, awakens the God within and explodes upon the terra firma of life as love. Yes love is exactly what all of this boils down to in the end. A love so powerful that everything else takes a back seat and life begins anew. And all of this starts with letting go, and allowing our purpose to come forth from within.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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