“Exceptional Health Starts in Our Mind”

I think most of us have met people who believe the following “Life is hard and then you die”. And then there are people who come to this plane and believe “Life is Wonderful”. And when we take a look at their health and mindset there is a very interesting correlation.


Our mind during stress creates acid in the body, and that creates inflammation and thus inflammation creates disease (This is science now). And when we have a state of mind in which everything is bad, and everything is hard, and that we have to fight our way through life we are planting the seeds of disease. And if we have a weakness and genetic disposition for some particular disease that disease is expressed. This is not to say that diet, exercise, and environmental factors also don’t come into play, they do, but our mindset is the starting point of everything.

Take for instance a true story of a woman who always thought life was hard. And she was always scorning the world about all the troubles she had at any particular time. And she had lots of aches and pains, and suffered from arthritis, and also in the end came down with cancer. And because she had a negative attitude about just about everything she was not open to changing her diet. And would not look at new and different things that might change her life completely, thus eventually she died of cancer.

Then their is the true story of a man who always loved life and was always upbeat and full of enthusiasm for life. On the average he was in good health, and he didn’t have much in the way of aches and pains and enjoyed life. But he did come down with cancer and because he was open to new ideas about diet, and about changing his lifestyle… in the end he survived his cancer and today he is still doing well.

Perhaps it goes back to all the spiritual teachings in the world. Those teachings which directing our mind towards that which is good, that which is uplifting, that which is peaceful, and that which is full of love. What could be more uplifting than thinking good thoughts and grounding ourselves in the here-and-now. If we are Spiritual, Buddhist, Christian, or any other sect or belief system all of them go back to the same thing—Love. And it’s vitally important that we embrace love at home, and home starts in our mind. Our mind is the first home we know from the time we are born to the time we die and move on into eternity.

Thus to create a great environment in our first home is very important. We could think of all negative thoughts as dust, cobwebs, and dirt gathering in our living room. If we allow all that dirt to build up sooner or later we come down with disease because of the lack of cleanliness. The same goes for our mind, if we allow all those negative thoughts to create a mess in our mind, sooner or later we come down with disease.

So it’s vitally important to start cleaning away all negative thoughts, and allowing the mind to be free of all the dirt and cobwebs of negativity.

Thus with good karma and the ability to love ourselves no matter what happens… life will be good.

Many Blessing to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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