“How to Harmonize Our World Within”

There is always the Yin and Yang of life which brings about harmony. Even too much of a good things creates havoc in our life. Be it too much water, too much sun, too much food, or too much negative thinking, too much of anything taken to the extremes creates dis-harmony in the body-mind-and spirit. But there are ways to live in harmony with all things… and thus have peace within.

Forest and Fog

To Live in Harmony with Nature – There are people who live their whole life in harmony with nature. Take for instance some groups of people in India that eat all organic food fruits and veggies including almonds and apricots. And they eat according to what crops they have growing in the fields at any particular time. If they have almonds they tend towards almonds, and if they have lots of one type of veggie, they tend towards eating more of that type of veggie, but they are plant based people, thus working in accordance with Mother Nature.

To Eat in Balance with Nature – Nature has seasons and there are times of plenty and their are times when there is less and nature retreats to rest. The same goes for eating, when we have food it’s good to eat a balance diet, and when we have little it’s also good to cut back and thus allow the body to rest. It’s all the yin and yang of life, the process of learning to understand the expansion and contraction of all things that exists in the cosmos. Thus to eat that which is fresh, to eat that which is in season, to eat that which is exploding from the trees and gardens is important. Thus we live in the here-and-now eating according to the balance of nature.

To Live Side by Side with Nature – If we live in nature, we notice the natural rhythms of nature. During the spring nature comes alive with lots of energy to bloom. During the summer nature thrives, and brings forth bounty to the world, and in the fall nature readies itself for the coming of winter. And in the winter nature rests and rebuilds strength for another spring. Thus as loving entities of that which is eternal, we to are to follow the path of Chi, the path of yin and yang which follows the path of nature. Thus we are to thriving and bring forth expression of who we are during the spring and summer. And then pulling in and getting ready to rest and enjoy down time, and ready ourselves for another cycle of love. And when we live with nature all around us, nature thus reminds us everyday about the natural cycles of life. Thus our mind unconsciously takes note and we automatically follow that natural rhythm. Living with nature all around is us something we have forgotten to do, thus many are out of balance with nature. But with understanding and self love everyone can find peace with nature.

To Think in Harmony with Nature – On the average nature is positive, nurturing, and expressive. And if we think about Mother Nature as the Mind of the creative force of all things, we can see Mother Nature’s divine expression as a positive energy. Thus Mother Nature is giving us a hint as to the kind of thinking which is important for the expression of who we are deep down inside. Positive, loving, kind, and nurturing thoughts emulate the true expression of Mother Nature herself. Thus these vibrations are the positive expression of our true nature within. Those vibrations which bring forth greatness to the cosmos and helping everyone in amazing ways. There will always be those who express the negative, thus we are the positive vibration which balances the yin and yang— the divine force which creates according to love.

Thus with all of this we find true happiness, find peace, find love, and find true contentment.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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