“When is Enough — Enough”

From the time we are able to walk to the time we die we spend most of our life acquiring money. We work for our parents when we are young, we get a job when we are in our teens, and work the rest of our life accumulating money. It’s interesting that in Italy they say, “We work to live, and in the US they live to work”. Is this the best use of our time? Or are we losing ourselves in the hustle and bustle of the material world.

Forest and Couple

Right now we have lots of people leaving the states and moving to places like Northern Italy so they can partake of a slower lifestyle. And other people are moving to Greenland, Mongolia, Spain, Central and South America, and Asia in order to raise their kids in a whole different environment with more emphasis on the spiritual aspects of life… and enjoy less and thus having more.

We Spend Our Whole Life Acquiring Money

One family from central part of the US with 9 kids packed up and left for Italy and didn’t even know where they were going to live. But they knew one thing, they did not want their kids growing up in a materialistic society… where everyone wants more and more stuff. They wanted their kids to be calm, peaceful, and have more family time together as a group. And they were very interested in being part of their upbringing in every aspect of life.

Another young couple moves to Argentina to have a slower pace of life. Near family so they can help one another and be supportive of everyones endeavors. Living in a one bedroom apartment, with just the essentials of what they need for life. But they have lots of free time, time to be in nature, time to go horse back riding, time to get out in the sun and get away from the city. And another couple moves to Greenland to get away from the big cities and so they can hear the whales pass near their door as they spout and come to the surface.

All the great sages did not enjoy the process of acquiring money. In fact they had little money, but at the same time they had great joy within. Jesus and Buddha where men who walked from town to town speaking their truth and they lived off the generosity of others. They never worried about what tomorrow would bring. As the birds in the sky that never worry about tomorrow, or the ducks who fly south for the winter and that never worry about what they might encounter on their long journey. Wisdom does not come from acquiring material things, it comes from contemplating the depths of our heart.

People are waking up, lots of families want something different for their children. They don’t want to get stuck on the hamster wheel of acquiring material things. Most of all they want more quality time, times that they will remember for the rest of their life, times that fill their heart instead of filling their wallet.

But this takes great will power, fortitude, and the ability to let go of fear. And what better way to control everyone and everything than with fear. It’s time to break free, time to see that there is another way of living which is not controlled by fear. A way of living which is controlled by the most essential aspect of life—Love.

Is it time to make a change?

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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2 Responses to “When is Enough — Enough”

  1. justine verschoor says:

    For me it was enough, i lived in Holland and moved to Bonaire, gave up my fulltime Well paid job and now work parttime, less money but more time and very little stress. But you are brought up with the idea that you are what you do. Sometimes that still comes up and worries me. But i see that is Just an old way of thinking, but very hard to get rid of!

    Gretigst from Bonaire, Justine

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

    > Op 10 mei 2016 om 13:11 heeft Relax Into Success het volgende geschreven:

    • Hi-Justine,

      Yes it takes time to rewire our brain and start to relax and enjoy life instead of thinking we are machines.

      Many Blessings to You Justine – You are Doing GREAT – Keep Moving Forward – Dr. Haider

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