“The Unconscious Mind and Healing”

There have been millions of cases in which people have had terrible diseases and then had something happen and all of a sudden their disease disappears. Our unconscious rules our world, yet we take our unconscious mind for granted and don’t even connect the dots about how our unconscious mind is creating disease and stress. We can overcome all of this if we use the power of the unconscious for healing. Take for instance the true story of a person who had terrible eczema all over her body.

Mind Door

She went to every doctor in the area and none of them could do anything for her. But as child she was neglected and the only way she got any attention was to get sick. So on a regular basis she would come down with a cold, the flue, or something else so her mother and father would give her the attention she really enjoyed. But as she became a teenager she wanted more freedom and thus she didn’t get sick as often. Later in life she married a man just like her parents who really didn’t give her that much attention. And that’s exactly when her eczema started flaring up. Her husband was busy being a powerful account executive for a large company and flying here and there for meetings.

And every time her husband would leave her eczema would act up. And then she would go to the doctor and have him prescribe a cream of some sort which would work for a while. But after 3 or 4 years of this all the creams and pills didn’t seem to work all. She was at her wits end, scratching all the time, with patches of terrible looking skin all over her body… and she was not happy.

Finally she gave up on doctors and tried going to a hypnotherapist who gave her a recording in her own voice which reminded her that she didn’t need lots of attention, that she was just fine being alone. That she was powerful and had lots of friends, and that she was happy being by herself and enjoyed her life with her husband. And it also talked about her little girl inside no longer needing overt amounts of attention, and getting attention by getting sick. She was an adult now and she was strong and had inner peace.

And she was asked to play this recording all night long, at a volume that was barely audible, so low that it would not wake her from her sleep. And after 30 days of listing to this recording her eczema disappeared, and her skin cleared up and she was disease free. And from that point on she never had another skin flare up of any kind and she was happy. It was as though someone had thrown a switch and her eczema miraculously melted away.

We all have little things like this going on, most people feel they are truly sick, and they are because the body responds accordingly. But the cause is something that we really don’t connect too, something that we have forgotten about, or have push back so far that we really don’t connect the dots. The reality is our unconscious mind is always working overtime, and every single one of us has this going on, but most of us don’t like thinking about it. But to really be in control, it’s important that we take everything unconscious… and make it conscious and thus we start having miracles happen everyday.

We are one with everything, the Universe, God, and all the collective mind, thus it’s important dig up all the unconscious stuff we have going on and bring it to the surface. So we can truly be happy and understand who we are deep down inside.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider






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