“Faith or Fear – A True Story”

Once there was a man who worked at a job doing his work all day long and he hated what he was doing. Most of the time he was bored to death, and the work he did was against what he believed in. And there was another man who worked for the same company and he decided to leave and start a new life.


One man was full of fear, he didn’t want to be at work and he didn’t want to give up his job because of security and money. Yet he hated what he did most of the time, yet he would sit there and do what he had to do and lament about being stuck.  He was very good at what he did and had many opportunities to go out and do something different but he always retreated back to what was safe. But being unhappy and comfortable was better than the unknown which created great fear in his heart. Fear that made him retreat to his comfort zone of pain.

Then there was another man who worked a block away for the same company. He also did not like his job and decided that he would make a change. He had worked for that same company for many years and didn’t enjoy what he was doing anymore. So he decided to go off on his own, thus moving away to another city and starting anew. This took great faith, but this man had a powerful feeling that he was being guided and watched over and would be taken care of. And thus without fear or trepidation he left is job to go out and start a new business and a new life.

As for the other man full of fear he stayed at his job and hated being there. Finally years later he retired. He did a few side jobs during his retirement but for the most part felt stuck, and in general he really didn’t do much because fear ruled his life. It was as though he was just doing time waiting to die. Oh he did have some hobbies, but sooner or later he would get bored his hobbies and thus they went to the way side. And he did not take care of his body, and thus he became very over weight and started to have health issues. And through all of this he started to become more and more negative about life in general.

As for the other man, he had many great economic challenges that came his way. But he never gave up, he even wrote a few books and worked as a minister helping people in whatever way he could. Plus he had a regular routine and workout every morning, did his yoga, and did his meditation, prayed for hours and in general he was always happy. And even though he had many great ups and downs in life his faith always kept him going. His faith moved him forward, and his faith created a rock solid anchor… so that he would go forth and make a difference in the world.

The interesting thing is that these two men where really very similar in many ways. But one had great faith, and the other had great fear. Perhaps — when we really get down to it that’s the great choice we have to make. To be full of fear or to be full of faith and love… it’s very simple.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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2 Responses to “Faith or Fear – A True Story”

  1. Raju says:

    Great story .. Motivational one

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