“Healing Subconscious Anger”

There was a man who was abused when he as a child, not physically but his mother and father did not take the time to help him when he needed help and to be there for him during his childhood. Then later in life he had an accident and became a paraplegic and was not able to get around. But his unconscious anger was still brewing in the background.

Wheel Chair Man

And even though his mother and father took him in and cared for him for years. Feeding him, taking him to doctors appointments, and doing everything for him, this young man would on a regular basis would bring up the past about being abused. And even though if you asked him about his anger he would say “I forgave my parents a long time ago”. But when we truly forgive someone we let go of the past and never bring it up again. But this young man still held onto his past like it was yesterday. Thus in reality he had lots of unconsciously angry towards this parents.

And that anger kept him stuck in the victim role, when he could have gotten out of the house and had a life of his own. And he could have interacted with his large group of friends he had, yet he kept himself tucked away in the house never allowing himself to be around people. Unconsciously this was a way of punishing his parents because they had to take care of him 24-7… but all of that was about to change.

Then he connecting with a doctor who pointed out how the little boy within was still angry at his parents. Because every time he would talk to anyone he would eventually start talking about being abused as a child. And the doctor told him how he was playing the part of the victim, being a victim was his unconscious way of punishing his parents. For when we totally forgive, forget, and move on with life we never bring up our challenges as a child. And the young man said “You’re Right— I have been playing the part of a victim, and I’ve had lots of unconscious anger wards my parents and it’s time to change that”.

And thus the young man started getting out of the house, getting out into the world, started getting out to see what life was all about. He joined a support group for paraplegic people, and he also went to weekly counseling sessions to start healing the past. A little bit later he found his own apartment, got a job and started working for a tech company doing computer work. Thus he had is own income, even bought special car for paraplegics and started driving, and he starting interacting with all his old friends. And from that point on he was very happy, and no longer had unconscious resentment towards his parents.

It’s amazing what can happen when we take the time to go within and get in touch with the truth in our heart and find the God within… thus everything changes and we heal.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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