“Spirit is All Around Us”

We tend to think that God is out there some where, out in the vastness, out in space. Yet what about that still small voice, or a time when someone’s father who passes away comes to them in the middle of the night? Is the all knowing consciousness out there? Or inside? Or both?

Peace Dove 2

Take for instance a mother thousands of miles from her son who is living in Indonesia, and her son a car accident and is killed. In the middle of the night she screams and wakes up exactly at the same time as he passes away. Coincidence or the fact that there is nothing but spirit all around us. And that we are all connected in amazing ways… and mothers are especially attuned to that energy.

Or what about a man that from the time he was born was always listen to a nagging feeling about something terrible about to happen, thus his thoughts were always negative. And this man always had lots of bad luck. He was in the service and was wounded and almost died. Then he had a business that was always teetering on the the edge of bankruptcy. And because of that his marriage ended in divorce, and his wife kept taking him back to court for more money even though he is broke. It seemed that his life followed his negative thinking. Or was his thinking following his life? Or could it be that the still small voice that he was always listened too was not his higher self?

And then there are people who have amazing things happen to them. Take for example an older couple in Northern California. She was always baking and giving her cupcakes and pies away to anyone who wanted them. And both of them would always go out of their way to help others no matter how much time it took. And she was always putting in for cash prizes and drawings and she was always lucky. They would win cash, vacations, and much more… was it all luck? Or was it because they were loving people who listened to the still small voice within?

And a woman said “I’ve always had anxiety, and I feel I will have this anxiety forever, and I will die early because of this anxiety. I just keep thinking that life is hard and then you die, and that seems to be playing out in my life”. Is it her thinking that’s causing her anxiety? What would happen if she started thinking “Life is great and my consciousness goes on forever”. Is destiny being played out? Or are past lives coming together with karma to create the next move?

Perhaps it’s all the above, that we are One with the Great Creator, and thus we are co-creating with that which is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. Thus what we think does create, and what we don’t think creates, what we do in the way of actions creates, and what we don’t do in the way of actions… that also creates. Thus everything is a powerful mixture of creation. A creation full of love which we extent out into the multiverse. And also that which is the polar opposite of love which also also extents out into the multiverse from a whole different point of view.

Thus it’s important to fill our minds with love at all times. We are an extension of that which is in everyone and everything. We have the power—now how are we going to use that power?

As Jesus and many others have said “You can do all of this and more”.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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