“The Power of the Conscious Mind”

We are more than just this flesh and blood body, studies show that our consciousness is powerful and extends well beyond our body. We can heal, we can exchange information, we can change the outcome of events, thus we have consciousness which is powerful and never ending.

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We have a voice that lives in our heart, that voice is always there even if we don’t heed what it’s saying. That is the voice of God, the voice of the Universe, the great collective mind which knows deep down which we we should turn. That voice knows everything and if we practice we can take that voice and use it for the good of mankind. If we were to listen to that still small voice the world would be in a very different place right now. Studies show that when we are in that ZONE— the zone of connection of all things we have great power that goes far beyond all that we understand from this bodily point of view.

Take for instance a project that measured the energy being give off by those who do hands on healing. Using a gama camera they were able to measure the actual healing power that was being give off by hands-on healers. And thus by using other people who where not healers they had a double blind study showing that there are actual healing energies being given off by those who do hands on healing. Thus we have proof positive that there is a power that goes beyond our materialistic understanding of the world.

The power of prayer has also been studied thousands of times. When we have people in two different hospitals and have thousands of people pray for everyone in one hospital and not the other hospital. The people in the hospital that is being prayed for heal faster and leave the hospital much sooner than those who are not being prayed for in the other hospital. Thus our field of consciousness which extends past the boundaries of our body connects with people and creates healing which defies logical explanation. But the reality is we have powers that go beyond our current ability to understand from a logical point of view. Thus as it’s been said in many spiritual texts “You can do all of this and more”.

The power of meditation has also been studied multiple times. When we have thousands of people meditating about lowering the crime in a particular city like Washington DC the crime rate drops by 25%. This has been done hundreds of times with the exact same results with different cities around the world. Thus this can’t be a random event taking place, thus these studies show that when two or more come together in God’s Name (Light, Love, and Peace) nothing can stop us… we have the power.

We have the power to change everything in this world, and now it’s up to mankind to use that power to make positive changes in the world. How much more proof do we need to understand our great powers? We could end all suffering and change the course of mankind and make a huge difference in the world. If we come together as one consciousness working together for the greater good.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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