“From Love to Fear and Back”

Once their lived a man who did well in general and then he moved and started having anxiety. And those anxiety attacks were caused by a change in thinking. He went from being very loving man to being totally fearful in very short time… but all of that did change.

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At one time a man who was very loving was doing very well. He had a nice home, a wonderful wife, and 3 children and life in general was very good. Then he moved to another country, and at first his life was not easy in fact he had a hard time finding a job. And also had a hard time finding a home they could afford, eventually they settled in and things got better after about 6 months. But all along in the background negative thinking was brewing that was going to push him over the brink. Thus he became very negative minded about everything during those 6 months, and he became afraid to be alone because all his friends and family were back home.

So he became cynical, fearful, and negative about every in general. Thus he started to cocoon himself at home, just going to work and no where else. And after a while he came down with physical ailments that were caused by stress. He had ringing in his ears, nerve pain in his face and lots of stress. He became so stress out that he didn’t know which way was up and eventually had a hard time going to work.

Finally with the urging of a friend he started going to a place of worship near his house every single morning and night, and started seeing a psychologist weekly. It took some time because in general he didn’t notice he had changed from being a loving person to being a ver fearful person… but everyone else noticed. But with tender loving care from his minister, plus the help of a psychologist and his family he gradually starting making his way back from the brink of disaster to the edge of love. Plus at the same time the ringing in his ears and the nerve pain disappeared.

And a year later he was back to his former happy self, full of love and helping his family as much as possible. And he also started taking care of himself better by going to the doctor and having regular checkups, watching his diet, and watching his thinking and actions. His negative thinking stemmed from being brought up in a negative family, but early in life he decide he would never be negative like the rest of his family. But with all the stress and turmoil during that first 6 months of transition to a new country, that negative way of thinking from the past came to surface and started to impinge upon his life and his relationships.

We all have the propensity to become someone we don’t want to be while under pressure and stress. It happens every day to thousands of people around the world. But with spiritual guidance and loving friends and family, and sometimes professional help we can move back to a state of love—

Thus listening to the God that lives within our heart.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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