“Retraining the Unconscious Mind”

Science now feels that our conscious mind uses about 1 billion neurons and our unconscious mind uses about four times that amount. Most people take the unconscious mind for granted, but in reality our unconscious mind is really running the show. And whenever we do anything our choices are always influenced by our unconscious mind. Thus it’s important to make sure that our unconscious mind and conscious mind are on the same page. But how do we do that?

Woman and Mirror

Every time we pick a particular color or style of clothing, or if we choose a type of car, or our spouse and just about everything else our unconscious mind is making most of those decisions. And our unconscious mind has been influenced by many emotional traumas, unsets, and events in our life which control our inner child. Thus our decisions, likes, and dislikes not always in our best interest.

But We Can Retrain the Unconscious

First of all doing affirmations is powerful, we have lots of science behind this now showing that when we look in the mirror and say positive affirmations while looking in our eyes we change. It’s important to write out a list of affirmations and stand in front of the mirror first thing in the morning and say 10 or 12 positive affirmations 4 or 5 times each… every single morning. This may be hard at first and some many even want to stop the whole process because of emotional baggage  coming up, but it’s important to keep saying those affirmations over and over again. Soon the emotional baggage will disappear and peace will filter in.

When putting together affirmations it’s important to never use “NO or “Not” or any other negative wording. Because the unconscious mind will always turn those negative words around into a positive thus changing the meaning of the whole affirmation. So the whole affirmation needs to be positive in every single way.

Second of all start saying those affirmations whenever the mind is not being used. If a person is waiting for bus and would normally have lots of little thoughts running through their head. It would be better to empower their soul by saying those same affirmations whenever the mind is not busy. This takes practice because we are so used to having our mind wander… but it can be done!

The last technique is for a person to make a recording in their own voice using those same affirmations. Any smartphone has this capability with lots of great recording apps that are available. And then play that recording all night long using a pillow speaker underneath their pillow. Pillow speakers can be order on-line just google “Buy Pillow Speaker” and lots of places that sell the will come up. Make sure to have the volume set very low, so that it’s barely audible and does not keep you awake but the unconscious mind can be influenced. This process is all about brainwashing the unconscious mind to become more like the conscious mind and thus finally finding peace.

It’s time to take control of our unconscious mind and thus find peace and thus listen to the still small voice within which is God. Thus we also make better decisions and enjoy a better quality of life.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider




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