“Sometimes We Have to Say No”

Sometimes we have to put a stop to what’s going on. Take for instance a young lady who was verbally abused at work to the point that she cried. Thus we have to stand up and connect with our God within and say “No More” and thus protect ourselves, others, and especially the innocent.

Say No

Once there was a young woman who was working at a job that she really liked. And then one day her boss came out and started accusing her of doing something wrong and yelling at her, and it got so intense that the young lady started crying. And then the boss said her and her coworkers could not be friends or go to lunch together. But the young lady did nothing and felt very bad and went home and cried even more. Eventually it was all straightened out as a miss communication by the boss. But in the meantime lots of people were put through emotional upheaval and felt very bad inside.

At times like this we have a choice, we can take the abuse or we can tell them to stop. Knowing our rights is very important. For no one can tell us who we can be friends with, or what we can do on our lunch hour. At those times we have to gather all our strength and say just say “No”.

Even Jesus protected Mary when they were going to stone her, and Jesus also threw out all the money lenders in the temple. One does not have to get mad, there is no reason for emotional upheaval during times like this, but we do have the right to end abuse. And abuse comes in many different forms, it can be emotional, physical, even neglect and many other forms. And sometimes we just have to walk away and say “No More” in our mind, and then go in a different direction and find a new job or another situation. But sooner or later we will have to make a stand, perhaps not this time, but sooner or later we’ll be forced to take action.

And there is no reason to cause more abuse of any kind when saying no. Many times people do things they regret and have remorse. And sometimes they need a powerful reminded that they too have a obligation, an obligation to love the people working for them. Remember love takes many forms, and love is always caring and respectful. But love is also very strong and willing to stand up to those who are impinging upon our rights and the rights of others.

This is exactly what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did and what Gandhi did when they stood tall in the face of tyranny. They were willing to speak out, they were willing to march forth, they were willing to put themselves on the line for the good of all. And in the end they did overcome everything, and what they cared about about did change life on this planet.

But now we have to pick up the ball and keep moving down the court, it’s our game now. And we have to be powerful and loving at the same time just like they were.

We Have the Power!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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