“Simplicity is the Path of Love”

Take for instance if we go out and buy lots of expensive furniture and have a nice bedroom and living room. And then all of a sudden a hurricane comes along and everything is lost. Do we feel bad because we lost all our material things or can we still feel good inside because our home within is intact?

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All that which is material will come and go, all the material trappings of this life are all well and good, and they are to be enjoyed. But when we become so connected to those material things that we think of ourselves as being part of those material things. Then sooner or later something will change and we will lose all of it. But if we see ourselves separate from the outside world, and see ourselves as something more important than material goods. Then when Mother Nature knocks it all down we don’t feel lost. In fact we feel whole because we were not connected to all that material stuff. For we know we are pure spirit living in a material world.

If we have nothing to begin with in the way of material things then there is nothing to lose. This is why all the saints, gurus, and avatars had nothing. They didn’t want to be identified by what they owned, or feel connected and owned by stuff, thus they owned nothing and were set free. And they knew that nothing in this world would go with them when they crossed to the other side of the veil. Thus only those things which can cross over to the other side of the veil are important. Things like love, compassion, caring for others, giving service, and being their for people who need their soul uplifted and surrounded by wisdom. Only those things are important… because they travel with us to heaven, nirvana, and the other side.

Simple things like nature, silence, peace, love, contentment, and caring are always free. And those things that are free are usually taken for granted in this day and age. But by living with less we have more, and that feeling is starting to take hold with all the young people around the world. That’s why young people are moving to tiny homes which are less than 200 to 300 square feet. And they are also working in accordance with nature instead of working against nature.

Simplicity is the path of love, simplicity is the path of peace, simplicity is the path of contentment, and simplicity is the path of caring about Mother Nature. And simplicity is also the path of caring for our own soul… and also all the souls around us. Having a simple life allows us to center our life around what’s important. A simple life allows us to spend more time with our children, spend more time with our parents who are getting older, spend more time with friends, and also spend more time with Mother Nature. But most of all spend more time in love with the divine, meditating, praying, and asking questions of our heart. And thus with more time to be with our God, The Universe and the One and Only we find solace in the fact that we are eternal and never ending beings. Thus with love in our heart we go out and make changes in the world and create more love.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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