“The Healing of a Soul”

Once there lived a man who was loving and kind. He did everything in his power to make people happy and to spread love. And then there was another man who was angry, and who always lusted for power and was full of greed.

Heart Shaped Hands

The loving man was full of wonderful wisdom, and he never did anything that would harm anyone. He would give food, heal the sick, and he would go out of his way to protect those who were oppressed. As he grew older lots of people came to him for advice. They come from miles around for healing and for blessings. For you see the loving man had a good heart, he wanted nothing in return and thus lived a simple life with very little. And sometimes he would even go without food because he would give his food to others.

He also healed those who were lame, he healed the blind, and he heal those who were unable to speak. And he helped those afflicted with anxiety and fear by soothing their soul and bringing peace to their heart. And sometimes he even had to plead with crowds of people to stop what they were doing because it was hurtful and would eventually end in a bad way.

But after a while the greedy man who heard about the power of the loving man became obsessed with stopping him. For you see it was getting to the point that the loving man had more power than the greedy man. So he created a plan to get rid of the loving man. One day when they were both out for a walk the greedy man asked the loving man for help. And the loving man said “Yes of course”, and the greedy man said, “I need lots of money to build a huge home and thus be able to impress the authorities”. And the greedy man said this knowing that if the loving man created money the authorities would automatically suspect it was stolen and thus throw the loving man in jail.

But the loving man was much wiser than the greedy man. Instead of creating money he reached up and put his hand over the greedy mans heart. And right away the greedy man fell to his knees holding the loving man’s ankles and sobbed with tears rolling down his face. And as he looked up he finally understood what the world was all about. He said, “I see everything clearly now, I finally feel my heart, and can feel the pain and suffering of others. I no longer need that money my friend, the only thing I need now is to help those who are less fortunate, those who need my help… for I have much to offer”.

Thus the greedy man was never the same, he started helping those who had little or nothing. And he became a very important figure in the town and was held in high esteem for the rest of his life. And when he past away thousands of people came from hundreds of miles around to mourn his passing. For you see deep down in the greedy man’s heart their was love, love that only needed to be set free and thus his life changed forever.

All of us have the same propensity to have a great change happen in our heart. All we have to do is open our minds and open our hearts and everything will change from that point on.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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