“Two Men Searching for Love”

Once there were two men searching for love. One going outward to find love, the other going inward, and one succeeding in finding love.

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Once there were two men, one was very outgoing, a loving psychologist who was liked by all his patients. He was always giving to everyone in hopes of finding that which was elusive, that which was always just around the other corner— Love. He had many relationships with women but none of them ever worked out. And he felt alone and disconnected from himself, that was probably the worst thing, feeling alone inside. He had good days, and he had bad days, and there were days he didn’t even want to be alive because he felt alone.

But everyday he got up and went to work and did what he had to do until he started taking drugs to relieve himself of all the pain of feeling alone. Because of the drugs he later he lost his practice, got into debt, and almost lost his house. And then one evening when he was feeling very alone he took a large dose of drugs to ease his pain, and thus he never woke up again. He was gone, he had past on, and it was such a waste… his life was spent searching for love.

Then there was another man, he was very introverted but a loving man who was a college professor at community college. He too felt alone and started searching for the one thing that he didn’t have — Love. Since childhood he felt alone, he always felt like an outside and really didn’t fit in. So he did the best he could and went on to college and got a degree in education and was teaching at a college. He ended up having many failed relationships over the course of 40 years. And that too made him feel even more alone, thus one day he broke down and cried and screamed out to God.

And as he screamed out something happened, a great feeling of peace came over him, a feeling of grace, a feeling of love, a feeling of connectedness, and a feeling of belonging. And at that point this loving man starting going inward with meditation, contemplation, being in nature, and surrounding himself with spiritual people. And after learning to meditate he started to have a great feelings of love that filled his heart. And from that point on he never felt alone no matter where he went or who he was with.

Much later one of his friends said: “What’s Happened to You, You are Not the Same Man I Knew Long Ago?”. And the loving man said —“I found God inside, before I was searching for God out there. But once I had an tiny understanding of where God resides… I decided to go inward. And low and behold I gradually starting finding God and thus God’s love fills my heart. God was always in my heart, I just never looked there.”

May we all find the love of God, the Universe, and that which is all knowing within.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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