“When We Attain Divine Peace”

Once we attain divine peace everything takes on a new outlook. Nothing is every the same again. Thus not only do we change but the whole universe changes at the same time.

God Tunnel

When we become enlightened we finally let go of good and bad. If something happens to us, we do not fret about it because we know that in the long run there will be good that comes from this. We no longer have a myopic eye, we become that which is omnipresent and see everything from a broader perspective. At the same time we let go of likes and dislikes. We do have an opinion, but in general we know when it comes right down to it… everything is happening for a divine reason.

Once we have this great peace within everything in life starts to take on a whole new perspective. We see the good in everything, and let go of worrying about anything. Thus everything in life flows like a babbling brook, always steady in temperament. All doubts are left behind and all ideas that things are not what they should be are forgotten.

And when we peer into the hearts of men we always see light… no matter how much soot may be covering that light. For we know that the light of love was instilled in every man, it’s just that some use their light to help others and some allow their light to be overshadowed by greed and desire. So those who have great enlightenment let go of judgement, for they know that everyone is equal in the eyes of love.

When we are peaceful we also see the presence of the divine in every single thing on the planet. Be it a beautiful flower or the rotting corpse of an animal on the side of the road. We look at both with love and see the good. For we know that the flower has the ability to brighten someones day. And sooner or later the nutrients of the corpse will allow flowers to bloom and brighten someones day. All things are equal in the eyes of that which is omnipresent, the great love of the universe contains everything. The divine is not separate from us, for the divine is not made from matter or have any distinguishing features making it separate from anything in the universe.

Thus those who have attained great peace are willing to wash the feet of those who are full of anger and hatred. And even anoint them with oil and kiss their feet for they know that they too are part of THAT which is all encompassing love. Everyone plays a part, thus all perceptions of this is good and that is bad, this is terrible, and this should not be happening are forgotten. For those that have attained divine peace know that a week from now, a year from now, or even thousands of years from now something good will come from all of this.

For they have stepped into the realm of the 6th sense, where all time and space no longer exist and thus all duality also no longer exists.

May we all attain great peace.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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