“Rescripting Our Mind Silently”

The other day a person said, “I had to speak up and get things off my chest, I was so angry at my mother I could hardly hold myself, but it really didn’t change anything”.

Prayer 4

It’s so easy to get upset and start fuming and ruminating and allowing the world to take over our mind. This process starts a whole cycle of changes in our body that creates disease. Anger creates a imbalance in our limbic system in our brain, and hormonal changes in our body. Plus anger is a type of stress for the body, and stress creates acid in the body, and acid creates inflammation and that inflammation creates disease. Thus we have a whole continuous cycle that never ends because we allow ourselves to give up our peace of mind.

That’s why Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and many other great avatars, saints, and gurus hardly ever allowed anger to come to mind. They knew that anger created a cycle of destruction… that one followed the other. Not only destruction of our body but also the destruction of the mind, which is caught in a cycle of hatred which keeps people from every having peace. And if peace is the one thing we are looking for in this life, then it’s vitally to keep peaceful thoughts in our mind.

Some people pray when they go to church, synagog, or temple, but the reality is every thought we have is a prayer. And formal prayers is one way of instilling loving thoughts into our mind, thus allowing those thoughts to propagate, and become part of our daily life. And silently saying positive prayers all day long keeps our mind free of the cycle of destruction.

Here is what I recommend for a silent prayer – “Oh God the father, son, and holy spirit, I fill my mind with wonderful thoughts of love and kindness. I pray and create the following in my life— I am loving, I am kind, I am giving, I am caring, I take care of myself first, and I also care for everyone around me. I am filled with loving caring thoughts of peace every single moment of every day.” This is just an example create your own silent prayer that fits your particular needs.

Rescripting our thoughts creates a whole new life. A change in our thinking changes our body, thus we no longer have our stomach churning and going crazy with excess acid, and that stiff neck we had starts to go away. Rescripting our thoughts takes time because we have 20, 30, or 40 years of thinking a particular way. But it can be done because lots of people have done this in the past and you too can do this too!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider




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