“Many Sizes, Shapes, and Textures”

If we take wool and make it into a sweater and that sweater can be made in many colors and lots of different weaves and styles. But the reality is that it’s all still wool, no matter what the color, style, or weave. The same holds true for the divine.

Door and Light

Take for instance flowers we send lilies on Easter, poinsettias for Christmas, and roses to our spouse. Yet all of them are still flowers, they have different colors, different names, they look different, have different textures, different scents, but the reality is they are all still flowers. But all these flowers work in the same way to brighten someone day.

Some people drive a Cadillac, some one else may drive a Toyota, and even someone else may drive a Nissan. Some cars are long, some cars are short, some cars are very powerful, and some cars go very fast, yet all of them are still cars. And all of them are just a means to get around from one point to the other, thus they all serve the same purpose.

If we take leather and make it into a pair of shoes that leather can be made into high heals for women for parties, work boots for men in construction, and casual shoes when they want to relax. All are made of from the same material, but some are red, some are brown, some are silver, with many different sizes and shapes. Yet they all have the same purpose of protecting our feet… so we can walk and do what we need to do in the world.

The same goes for the divine, some call the divine this name, others call the divine that name, and others call the divine many other names. But the reality is— all those names elude to the same omnipotent, omnipresent, all knowing essence of the universe. Which in reality doesn’t have a name other than what we give it.

Yet there’s been so much trouble brought to the world because of those names of the divine. Because everyone thinks they have the right name. Yet a sweater does not know it’s called a sweater, a flower does not know it’s called a flower, and a car does not know it’s called a car. It is — what it is — or as it is said in many spiritual texts “I AM – That I AM” that great power is hard to describe in any way, shape, or form.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider




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