“Reality and Walkup Calls”

The way we look at life depends upon our reality and our reality changes with time.

Time for Change

Take for instance a man who was neglected as a child and always wanted more from his parents. And his parents were always verbally putting him down and telling him he needed to be stronger. Thus later in life he is always full of fear and feelings of peace, contentment, or power elude him. Thus his reality is totally different from someone who is brought up in a loving nurturing family.

And there is also the child who is brought up in a nurturing home but he is given the feeling that he can do anything without any need for preparation. And that everything he wants in life will just come his way by magic. Thus later in life he has great delusions of grandeur, and feelings that he is the most important person in the world. Thus he is pretty much let down because nothing can be done without preparation. If a person wants to be a doctor then there are many years of study that must be attended too. If a person want to be a farmer then they need to learn farming from someone with a little bit of experience about farming. And the same goes true for every single type of work and way of living in the world.

When our inner reality and the reality of the world around us don’t match up then we have conflict in our life. Conflict which creates anxiety and challenges, and those challenges never go away until we change our inner reality. And our reality usually changes when we have a wakeup call that shakes us out of our comfort zone. That process leaves us vulnerable, and that vulnerability allows for new ideas to filter into the cracks made in our reality, and thus into our conscious and unconscious mind.

These are the learning lessons that allow us to grow and change and become more of who we are deep down inside. Everyone has a destiny and that destiny involves a lot of learning lessons while here on this earthly plane. And those wake up calls are lessons from Great Spirit, God, the Universe, and the One and Only. And the more we connect to spirit the easier it is to learn from all those great wakeup calls, and thus we start seeing the good in everything.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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