“Where Have All the Good People Gone”

Today someone asked: “Where have all the good people gone” and here is the answer.

All the good people in the world who are doing great deeds are the neighbors you have next door. The ones who give money to feed the poor, the ones who work at the food banks on Saturday to make sure everyone has something to eat. They are the people who pray for the healing of the world, and adopt homeless child across the land. They are the ones who adopt children with disabilities and have up to 15 or more disabled children at home.

Crowd of People

The good people are the ones who give of their time freely to help anyone. They work with the city council, they help at senior centers, and they deliver free meals to seniors and disabled people across the city. They are the ones who give of their time freely for the senior olympics, disabled olympics, and the special olympics.

The good people are those who go to work everyday to pay their bills and work hard so they have money to feed their kids and send them to college. The good people are those who go to prisons and teach inmates how to read. And they are the ones who put on free vipassana meditation workshops in prisons and for the general public where the food and lodging is free.

The good people are the ones who bend down to give a beggar some change. Or help the old lady upstairs by taking her groceries to her apartment on the 6th floor when the elevator is broken. The good people are those who do counsel for those in need who don’t have a dime and need mental health care. The good people are those who write letters to their loved ones send money when times are hard back home. The good people are those who travel to see their mother every day, take her grocery shopping, and make out her bills because she just can’t see very well. The good people are those who take the old guy next door who has an eye infection to the doctor when no one seems to care.

The good people are the ones who care about animals so much that they take in stray dogs and cats and find them good homes. The good people are the couple who lives across town who help animals in need and pay for their surgeries and medications. The good people are the ones who give of their time at AA and Al-Anon meetings, because they remember someone helping them through the hard times.

Good people are all around, us they are the angels and avatars of the world. They are the people who are making a difference world, the ones who are changing the world with every great deed they do.

You ask where the good people they gone?

They never left!

They just keep doing what they do without recognition.

And everyone of us knows someone like this.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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