“Training the Mind for Less Stress”

Most of the time we have lots of different thoughts running through our head. Our monkey mind runs rampant and thus we feel out of control. Here are two easy ways of controlling the monkey mind and finding peace.


Daily Mindfulness – Being mindful is just that being aware of what we are doing. Most of the time we don’t even think about what we are doing, we do 90% of our daily routine out of habit to the point that we are totally unaware of what we have going on around us. Take for instance having breakfast in the morning. We gulp down our coffee, eat our cereal as fast as we can and run out the door to get to work. Traffic is bad and we yell at the guy cutting us off in traffic, and then we finally get to work and the boss is mad because we are late. Throughout most of this we are totally oblivious as to what we had going on inside our bodies and around us.

When people become mindful their blood pressure goes down, their hormones balance out, and they feel less stressed. And all of this happens just because they are focusing on every little action and detail of life. Take for instance having breakfast, they sip their coffee and taste the mellow flavor and aroma. They savor their cereal and notice what sensations they feel in their mouth and taste the sweetness of every bite. They notice how the car smells as they climb in, and they notice how the engine sounds when they start the car. They concentrate on their driving and notice all the little things that are happening around them like the stop sign coming up. They also notice the car that cuts them off but they don’t react, they just notice everything. Thus the monkey mind slows down and peace filters in.

Being mindful is also taught to people who have had one heart attack to prevent another heart attack. If they practice mindfulness all day long their chances of having a second heart attack lowers by 85%.

Meditating Twice a Day – Meditation slows down the mind and allows the mind to focus on one thing at a time. This is unusual for the mind to focus on one thing, but with practice the mind can be trained. Just like a child that wants to run here and there and might run into the street and get run over, training a young child to obey his parents is important… and the same goes for training our mind.

Meditation is simple, it’s just sitting down in a comfortable chair and closing our eyes and concentrating on our breathing in and out. And when a thought comes in we say to ourselves, “I see that but I will get back to that later” and we go back to our breathing. Meditating for 30 minutes first thing in the morning and for 30 minutes around 5 or 6 PM.This sounds simple, yet like the child who wants to run here and there, we have to discipline our mind to find peace. And again just like the child who’s allowed to do anything sooner or later that child is not happy and ends up in trouble. But when someone guides a child and creates rules, the child becomes happy because he knows his parents care. The same goes for the mind, the mind also needs simple rules and guidance and thus the mind becomes very happy. When meditating there is only one rule, and that is to keep concentrating on breathing. When people start meditating their blood pressure goes down, their hormones balance out, and they feel less stressed. And they also have better relationships at home and at work. And their prefrontal cortex becomes thicker and thus they have more cognitive abilities… and thus they feel better about life in general.

There is a reason why all the great gurus, saints, and avatars practiced meditation and mindfulness… they wanted peace.

And you too can learn meditation and mindfulness and find peace.

Dr. Paul Haider




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