“The Tree of Mankind”

Once there was a tree, it was tall and strong and had lots of different leaves. And all the leaves would move in different directions in the wind. And because of that the leaves thought they were separate from the tree.

Oak Tree Drawing

Thus the leaves started to have lots of self interests thinking that they were totally isolated, and that their needs were more important than that of the whole tree. Then fighting broke out, and leaves tried to block the sun from falling on other leaves in order to get more sun. Thus greed starting taking over, thus the leaves were only interested in taking as much as they could.

But then something interesting happened, it started to get cold and all the leaves started changing color. Some leaves became dark brown, some yellow, some red, and others lost most of their color and where very light in color. This frightened all the leaves because they didn’t know what was going on. In the past they only thought about themselves and would not talk to one another. But now something was happening to everyone. So they gathered together and pledged to care for one another and to always be there if something happened.

And then it happened, there was a terrific cold snap and all the leaves of different colors fell to the ground. But they were together all in one great pile so they were not alone, so they felt peaceful and happy. But after awhile the leaves started decomposing, and from that change the individuality of all the leaves became ONE as part of the great nurturing soil (God).

And from that soil another tall tree grew.

With billions of leaves which moved in the wind.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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