“Attitude is Everything”

“And Everything is Attitude”

Many people compete in the yearly CrossFit Championships with everyone trying to attain the title of fittest man or woman in the world. And it’s very interesting that the young lady who won the 2015 woman’s competition had a very positive attitude.

Positive Attitude

We are products of light and every time we move from positive thinking to negative thinking we change our vibrational frequency. This is why healing modalities like QiGong, Magnified Healing, and Reiki work because they move positive vibrational energy into a persons body. And when we have a negative attitude our vibrational frequency lowers thus we lose energy… and this has been proven with kinesiology.

But when we have an uplifting positive view of life we have uplifting energy pulsing through our body. And this positive energy strengthens our immune system, powers up our muscles, balances hormones and increases stamina and vitality. And just the opposite when we have negative thinking going on.

Thus when we think positive thoughts we create positive changes in our mind/body. And when we have negative thinking going on we create negative changes in our mind/body. Thus the choice is up to us, we can choose whatever we like for we have free will. And that means our greatest power is our freedom of choice. Be it uplifting and strengthening, or be it making us weak and bringing us down. It’s all good because everything happens according to a great plan.

And that’s why it’s important not to get caught up in desires. It’s up to us to be totally happy with every result no matter what. Because there is a reason for everything, perhaps there’s more for us to learn before we attain that particular goal.

And that means there’s no such thing as failure. It means we are not ready and everything needed is not yet in perfect alignment. But when all the right people have come along and all the right circumstances are set up… then we can attain our goal. If we still have a positive attitude and want to attain that particular goal.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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