“Being Mindful of Our Mind”

We have a mind that runs all over the place, it’s like a beast without boundaries. And like a patient going to a doctor the patient must listen and do what the doctor says in order to heal. So too the gurus and saints have said for thousands of years that our mind must be watched.

Lotus Flower

In this day and age we feel our mind is everything, yet what’s watching our mind? Whenever we reflex back on anything and stop for a moment — who is watching? That is the big question. And the answer is not only inside of us, it’s also out there in the expanse of the cosmos. All things are part of the One, and thus the One is nothing more than that which is all knowing and understanding, and the One exists every where at the same time.

Thus that One is watching over everyone. It’s the voice that says — “Why did I do that?” or “That action was based on fear” or “That was a lovely thought”. And the more we step back and allow that One to watch everything and even comment. And the more we heed those comments and start living our life according to those comments. Then we start to have grace and peace filter into our life. That means we start living our life according to God… who is the still small voice.

Process – Give this a try, take a 24 hour period and listen and heed what the still small voice of Oneness is saying. For some people this will be extremely hard, and for others it will be very easy. The difference being that some people are still caught up in their ego mind, thus making it impossible to listen to the voice of oneness. But some people have calmed their ego minded with meditation and being in nature… thus they hear the wisdom that’s all around them.

Then take any 48 hour period and listen and heed what the voice of Oneness is saying. And a few days later take 96 hours and listen to the voice of Oneness. Next take a whole week and listen to the voice of oneness. And eventually over a month or two with great patience and practice one can focus on the voice of Oneness at all times.

And at that point a feeling of contentment, love, and peace takes over and life takes on a whole new glow.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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