“Use Your Quantum Creation Power”

“Here is a Simple Exercise in Quantum Creation”

Max Plank a quantum physicist theorized that we are nothing more than quantum particles – thus we go on forever.


Quantum particles flash in and out of existence and thus they are also entangled matter. And other scientists have theorized that the whole universe is nothing more than a holographic projection. And still others theorize that consciousness also flashes in and out of existence as quantum particles that exist one second and gone the next and cannot be extinguished thus consciousness is eternal. This is exactly what has been said down through the ages in all the spiritual realities of the world— We are Eternal and Part of the Great Existence of the ONE.

And thus all matter and all consciousness is part of a great quantum soup of change. And many spiritual groups have felt this for a very long time. And thus whatever we focus on for long periods of time becomes a reality. But most people focus on so many negative thoughts that the world moves in a direction towards negative events and negative changes.

Thus as all the spiritual groups around the world have said it’s very important to discipline our minds and ground ourselves in a spiritual path which is based on love, truth, and peace in order to create accordingly. For to create without love, to create without truth and peace, and to create without a basis of spiritual training our world careens out of control.

Thus we need to discipline our minds, and one way to do that is with spiritual exercises that discipline our ability to visualize.

Process – Think of an object, it might be a vase, a ball, or any other simple object. Then in your minds eye see this object in all three dimensions. And turn the object around and see the ball or whatever it is from all points of view. This takes great practice, it’s not easy to visualize something from all points of view, and to see the texture, see the color, smell the object, and feel the texture. But this is exactly what it takes to create according to the envisioning power of Great Spirit (God). That great power has the ability to see everything in total perfection. Now notice how many times this object you visualized shows up in your life during the week.

After a few weeks of doing this exercise try something bigger and more complex such as a blender or coffee grinder. And after a few weeks of seen this object in your minds eye from all points of view, and feeling and sensing it with every aspect of your being move on to bigger things. And also notice how often that object shows up in your life.

But at the same time ground yourself in a spiritual path full of love, truth, and peace for those three things are needed in order to create according to the will of the One Great Consciousness and create that which is loving and kind.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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