“7 Benefits of Using Prayer Beads”

In the East, in the West, and around the world prayer beads have been used for thousands of years. And there’s a reason why so many people use these beads to calm their mind and find peace. Using the beads while saying a prayer, a mantra, or a particular name of Great Spirit while moving from one bead to the next.

Prayer Beads

Similar to Mediation – Using prayer beads is a lot like meditation, we occupy the mind with something simple and thus everything else which is less important is set aside. Thus it’s easy to sooth a mind that is full of anxiety, fear, and stress.

Using Prayer Beads Creates Peace – Counting beads and saying a particular name of Great Spirit over and over again silently brings peace. It’s one of the few times that the mind is not active and running like a monkey jumping from limb to limb in the tree of consciousness. At the same time the fear we constantly feel starts to fade away, thus we are able to accomplish more and feel better at the end of the day.

Using Prayer Beads Creates a Cheerful Attitude – When a person counts prayer beads over a few months a cheerful attitude starts to take over and the old persona starts to fade away. This happens because all the worry and stress is no longer on the forefront of the mind… and thus happiness takes over.

Using Prayer Beads Creates Loving Actions – Constantly using prayer beads leads to a change in our actions over time. We normally react automatically and emotionally which can lead to actions we regret. But by using prayer beads and calming the mind body we react less and feel centered… and that leads to better decision making.

Our Personality Starts to Change – With a few months of practice we’re no longer the same person. We feel calm, cool, peaceful, all the anger and stress we had starts to melt away… and thus our personality shifts in a positive way.

Our Values Start to Change – Using prayer beads daily for hours on end can even create a powerful change in our values. Material things that were once thought important take a back seat in our life, and we start valuing truth and spiritual experiences more than anything else. And at the same time we start to thinking less about our reputation, and have much more trust that everything will work out.

We Start Seeing Things from a Different Perspective – After using prayer beads for a year or two our limbic system starts to heal and we no longer feel like a chipmunk trapped on a wheel. Thus for the first time in years we start to see everything from a whole different perspective… thus we change from the inside out.

Using prayer beads is an easy way to reset the mind and find peace in a crazy mixed up world. No wonder prayer beads have been used for thousands of years. Using prayer beads creates peace, allows positive changes to take place within, thus a feeling of joy and happiness.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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