“4 Ways to Strengthen Our Beliefs”

It’s important to have confidence in whatever beliefs we have, and hold tight to those beliefs and not allow our confidence to be shaken. Here are four ways to make our beliefs even stronger.

Sunlight and Tree

If we are a Christian then it’s important to follow that faith, if we are Spiritual then it’s important to follow that way of being, if we are Hindu then it’s important to follow that particular path. Whatever our beliefs is it’s important to follow that path and not allow our beliefs to be uprooted and disillusioned. All beliefs that are full of love, full of peace, and help people grow and get through all the hard times are important.

At the same time there are some universal ways of bolstering our beliefs.

Take Everything One Day at a Time – Sometimes we can get impatient and we think we have all the answers. But no matter what we do life has a way of throwing a curve ball and we have to go with the flow. Take for instance a mother who’s child had to go to surgery, but just before the surgery they found they could not do the anesthesia because her airway was obstructed. After all that preparation for the surgery they had to put it off until they did an MRI to find out what was going on. Sometimes we just have to take life one day at a time with great faith.

Know This is Important to Go Through – Our faith does not preclude the fact that we will have hard times that will come our way. That’s a given, if we live life we will have challenges. Some people take this as a sign that they are not being watched over and thus give up on their beliefs. But it’s just the opposite, we have been given challenges to bolster our faith and make it stronger. And at the same time know that we are being saved from something else down the line. If we look at life this way then every single hardship is a blessing. Take for instance a man who was in a car accident. He was angry, but he later found out that if he had arrived at is destination on time he would have been killed in a fire… everything happens for a reason.

Have Positive People Around – Surrounding ourselves with loving and kind people who have a positive way of looking at life is important. No matter what faith we have if we surround ourselves with mean and angry people it will always rub off. The more living and kind people we have around us the easier it is to ascend towards the light and find contentment and enlightenment. Take for instance a woman who met some people for the first time and they were so happy and loving. And she said “Why am I so sour and negative all the time”. And thus she started finding more positive people to have as friends… and now she’s up beat and positive.

Be Open – Being open means we allow our Higher Power to guide us to whatever we have coming our way. If that Higher Power be Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or some other great avatar they will come to us and tell us which way to turn on a regular basis. The still small voice of our Higher Power is always with us and will help us when we reach out in earnest need. But if we push our way through life with ego and anger then it’s impossible to hear the still small voice. Once there was a man who was always pushing his way through life and he was not listening to the still small voice within. And because of this all his life there one thing that was missing—having a loving woman in his life. Then he had an epiphany take place when his father died and it shook him to his core. Then he started looking at everything in a whole new light, and he started listening to the still small voice within. And within a few months he found a wonderful lady and eventually they got married.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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