“We May Live in a Virtual World”

Right now we have electronic virtual reality taking over and every company is working on this process in order to make millions. But the truth is we may live in a virtual world right now.

Virtual Reality

Virtual realities such as second life and other virtual worlds are extremely popular now. There are lots of people that spend most of their day in these virtual worlds and thus become totally disconnected from the world we live in.

But many scientists have shown that we live in a virtual world now. Even Elon Musk of the Tesla car legacy has always believed that we live in a virtual world, and he feels that the odds that we do live in a virtual world are amazing. In fact Neil deGrasse Tyson the director of the Hayden Planetarium in NY feels it’s a 50-50 toss up that we are living in a virtual world. Nick Bostrum a philosopher at Oxford feels that it might be that some advanced civilization put together an interactive virtual world that we live in.

This go along with what was said by the burning bush “I AM That I AM”. And does this work in connection with prayer and miracles? Everything in our reality is flashing in and out of this reality now. And thus why couldn’t it be that the whole universe itself is just that—A Virtual Reality of Some Sort.

It was said by all the great avatars— “You Can Do All This and More—Only Believe”. Thus if we believe enough we can change our reality and thus pop into another reality that’s totally different. And that goes along with the string theory in which we have multiple universes that are all separate yet connected. And sometimes those realities collide and create havoc. And at other times those realities change depending upon our true beliefs deep down inside. All of this may seem impossible, but the reality is—it’s very possible.

The great thing is, if we believe we have the power, if we believe we can change everything, if we believe we can change the outcome of the future… everything can be different.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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