“Moving Towards One Mind”

Most of the time we have two minds, one that says we should be doing one thing and another that says we are doing this or that. Thus we have a contradiction going on. True spiritual healing takes place when we have both minds on the same page.

Head Puzzle

Take for instance we say and think “I should be exercising” and at the same time we have another part of us says “I don’t want to exercise” and thus we have a contradiction. Truth, love, and peace are the three things that set us free. Yet when we don’t have truth within because we have contradictions taking place it’s impossible to have peace.

Both minds have to be on the same page. We can say one thing and do another, we can think one thing and talk a totally different talk. All of this leads to spiritual unrest. We have the answer to healing all of this, it’s very simple, and that’s where meditation comes into play. During meditation we learn about ourselves and our habits, inner thoughts, our truths and untruths, and all the things that we hide from ourselves. And once we open up with meditation and accept that we have all of these contradictions going on. And decide that living life in such a fashion is not in our best interest… we make a shift. A shift towards love, peace, truth and finally contentment or what some people call grace or bliss.

This is a joyous time, people start smiling for no reason at all, people start feeling great joy all the time. People start to reach out to others to help those in need because they want to spread the great joy they feel inside. And that’s not all, great things start to happen for that person, they have synchronicity that take place. Little occurrences that move them in the right direction and thus they thrive. And their kundalini energy starts to awaken at the base of their spine, the third chakra and thus they begin to expand their way of being in the world.

It’s all about getting our two minds on the same page. Getting our two minds resonating together in order to create a totally new third vibration that uplifts our world to a much high state of consciousness.

All the great avatars, saints, and gurus have talked about this.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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