“Never Grow Old”

In this day and age we have more people who are active and doing life changing events even when they are 80, 90, and 100 years old. And anyone can do this with the right mindset.

Active Seniors

Active Seniors

It’s one thing to add a few years to our age, but a totally different thing to grow old. We probably all know someone who is only in their 20’s and they sound and act like they are 70 years old. And all of us probably know someone who is in their 90’s who feels and acts like they are in their 50’s. In fact my mother-in-law is 92 and she’s still active and gets around and she loves life. I think one of the most enduring qualities she has is being able to laugh about everything. Laughter is very healing for every part of our body and thinking positive thoughts is vital for staying young at heart.

In fact a while back I ran into a man who is 62 and he looks 26… no kidding. I ask him what his secret for aging gracefully was and he said: “Growing old is only in our mind. Getting outside into fresh air most of the day is important and getting some sun is vital. And exercising and being active all day long is one of the most important aspects of life”.

There is a theory that thousands of years ago the earth’s atmosphere had a much higher percentage of oxygen. And that’s been proven and that might be why many people in all the spiritual texts lived to be very old. And thus to compensate it’s important that we do some deep breathing like they talk about in the spiritual texts, in order to bring more oxygen in our bodies and stay healthy.

Also getting outside is extremely important, sitting around looking at a computer screen makes us feel old. And we don’t get enough Vitamin D3 sitting inside, and their are many scientists who believe that Vitamin D3 is very important for every aspect of health and healthy aging. And being active is also vital, and science has also shown that our muscles foreshorten, our muscles become weak, and we even have a hard time holding up our own body weight if we don’t exercise. And what better way of exercising could there be than walking, swimming, and running around being active in nature.

It’s one thing to become spiritual which is very important, but being spiritual also means taking care of the temple. Lots of people forget that we are given a temple (Body) for a reason, and in that temple Great Spirit resides. So do we want Great Spirit to reside in a temple that’s falling down, or do we want to have a strong active temple for spirit reside in? Thus it’s vital to eat right, think positive thoughts, laugh as much as possible, and get outside in the sun and stay active.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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