“5 Great Ways to Find Happiness”

We have lots of unhappy people in this day and age and we have more in the way of inexpensive food, smartphones, TV’s, and a long list of things but we are increasingly unhappy… why is that? Here are a few things that create true happiness.


Garden and Feel Wonderful – There have been so many different studies showing that those who garden live longer, have more flexibility, and on average are happier. There is something about bending down and getting our hands in the soil that revitalizes the mind and body. In fact on the BBC it was show in studies from the Journal of Sports Medicine that those who garden were 27% less likely to have a stroke and 30% less likely to die of a premature death of any kind.

Get Out in the Sun and Smile – Studies show that when we stay inside we are not accumulating packets of photon energy which actually are taken in by the sun into our eyes and help to regulate our hormones. Thus we have more serotonin produced in our brains and we feel happier. A study at Zayed University showed that those who adapted a new outdoor lifestyle were indeed happier. And they also had higher levels of Vitamin D in their blood stream because they got out in the sun.

Walking 5 Miles a Day and Feel Invigorated – Studies show that those who get up and walk when they are old and are healthier and have a better attitude about life— thus they are happier. And studies at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm showed that recent walking activity was more important than what a person did most of their life—so it’s never too late.

Get Together With Other Spiritual People and Feel Good – Studies show that if a person gets together with other spiritual people they seem to have more resilience to life and in general are happier according to polls. Those who have some kind of faith and follow it have more people to talk to and interact with… and thus that social safety net helps them to thrive and be happy. Not only that, but these spiritual groups work together for the betterment of the community thus everyone is happier… and that saves the community money.

Think Positive Thoughts and Feel Excited About the Future – A new study by the University of North Carolina showed that those who thought more positive thoughts in general broadened their sense of possibilities for their life… while negative thinkers narrowed their possibilities. Thus with a feeling of having more possibilities a person is more likely to feel happier— and thus life is full of great things yet to come.

So get out in the sun, garden, be positive about life, walk, and get together with lots of other spiritual people and live a long happy life.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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