“Healing the Body Via the Soul”

Centering our mind on particular thoughts heals the outer vibration of the soul.

Thus the body is healed.

See the Good in All Things – When we allow ourselves to see the good even where most people are looking at the bad we are healing our spiritual essence. We are much more than this flesh and blood we call the body, and when we focus only on the good we uplift our spirit and thus we also heal the body.


Speak Only Words of Truth – When we allow our words to resonate with our spirit as truth… then true healing starts to take place in our body. Most people take this for granted, but even the smallest of untruths is recognized by our spirit thus the vibration of our outer soul is slowly lowered. But truth brightens our spirit and uplifts the soul… thus the soul enlightens the body.

See Great Beauty in Everything – When everyone else is looking at the trash all around, it’s important to look down and see the beautiful reflection of the sky in a small puddle. There is always something beautiful to focus our attention on, but it takes practice to see that which is beautiful in everything. We have been practicing the opposite for decades, thus it take time to adopt a new way of looking at life. And that uplifting of our soul heals the mind/body.

Be Willing to Trust – It may seem polyanish to trust when there is no reason to trust, but it’s important not to become jaded. Trust is the same as truth, because trust is truth in action, thus to trust is to know that God, the Universe, and Great Spirit have our best interest in mind at all times. Thus whatever comes our way is always for our highest good. And when we believe this with all our heart then we uplift our spirit and thus the body heals.

Have Great Patience – Without patience we become irritated and lose our cool which leads to anger. Thus we move from a feeling of peace to that which is the opposite vibration. So it’s very important to have great patience no matter where we are and what we are doing. Patience is the first step towards uplifting our souls vibration and healing the mind/body.

Forgive, Forget, Move On – To have all the rest of these wonderful qualities and yet not be willing to forgive negates everything. Forgiveness wipes away anger, guilt, and shame, and thus we are set free. Free to find inner peace instead of being caught in an endless cycle of self-destruction. And forgetting allows forgiveness to be written in stone, thus life is again refreshed and made new. And to move on with life allows the past to be the past, and thus our future is full of endless possibilities.

All six of these ways of living creates an upwelling of white light which dispels all darkness, thus the body healed automatically.

Be a candle in a darkened room and uplift the world.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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