“Habitual Thinking and Healing”

Habitual thinking causes stress for the mind/body. And we truly have a mind/body… not a separate mind and body. Some thoughts create according to the laws of love and some thoughts destroy… so fill thy mind with love.


Remove the Following:

Let Go of Being Critical – To be critical of others is also to be critical of ourselves. Because we are one and the same, we are part of the great universe and the oneness everywhere in the cosmos. And thus being critical of someone else is also being critical of ourselves. Send love and know they are on their path, a path that will eventually lead them to pure love. But for now they are who they are, thus allow them to do what they need to do in order to learn their lessons in this life time. Otherwise their spiritual growth will stop and they will never proceed according to the great plan. Love thy neighbor as thy self.

Let Go of All Resentment – To resent others for who they are is like being angry at our big toe because it’s bigger than all the rest. It makes no sense and thus to resent creates a negative vortex of energy that flows in the opposite direction in the body. Our normal flow of energy is from our feet moving towards our head—from the lower chakras to the wisdom chakras. But resentment moves energy in the opposite direction thus negating all energy flow in the body. Thus all healing that could be created by the positive flow stops. To heal thyself is to love everyone as thyself.

Let Go of All Fear – Fear is just the opposite of love, and love is the instrument of healing. To fear anything or anyone creates a void within, and that void creates a vacuum that attracts negative energy and impedes healing. The normal process of allowing our fearful mind to run our lives has taken us to the brink of extinction in the world. So now is the time to let go of fear and fill our hearts with love and spread love where ever we go.

Eliminating these three aspects of mind are important for healing. Letting go of habitual thought patterns are the keys to healing our bodies and also healing mankind.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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