“What Should We Teach Our Children”

Right now we have men with lots of knowledge but very little wisdom. And that’s why are on the brink of nuclear destruction. Our education system needs to be refurbished if the human race is to survive and thrive for thousands of years to come.

But What Should We Teach?


Here are a few recommendations that have been handed down through the ages in all the spiritual texts.

Teach Compassion – Compassion is the cornerstone of community. When we have compassion we are able to go out and help those in need, and allow others to grow, learn and thrive. A compassionate man only looks down on someone while reaching down to pull them up… thus many of our challenges around the globe would disappear. And it’s important to teach our children to have compassion for Mother Earth and thus work in accord with nature.

Teach Wisdom – Give a man knowledge and he will be able to respond with what he knows right now. But give a man wisdom and he can deduce how he should respond no matter what the situation, and take into account that which is best for everyone. People of wisdom are calm, centered, and peaceful and that’s exactly what we need in this day and age and in the future. And wise person knows that true happiness comes from inside, and that happiness can never be found in the outer world.

Teach Inner Peace – Instruction on how to find inner peace would go a long way towards creating a peaceful world. Thus contentment would grow and the world would change to become a peaceful place. Right now everyone is looking for peace and contentment in all the wrong places. But if we teach every single soul how to find inner peace the world would be a difference place.

Teach Truth and Total Transparency – Truth is importance for any relationship wether it be at work, at home, in communities, and for good relationships between nations. Without truth and openness about everything secrets start to develop which eventually can bring the human race to extinction. Truth and total transparency would allow peace to thrive for thousands of years.

Most of All Teach Unconditional Love – Right now our world is based on money, but if the world of the future were based on love all of our worldly challenges would disappear. It all hinge on 6 little words “Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self”. Thus we would help people no matter who they are and what their circumstances may be… what a wonderful world that would be.

Plus A Way of Making a Living – It would be good for everyone learn some kind of trade. Especially ways of working with their hands which has practical value. But right now making money is generally the only thing that education centers itself around. Thus education needs to be brought back into harmony with God, The Universe, and Great Spirit because everything in the cosmos must be in balance — black within white — and white within black.

If we are survive the next few years it’s vitally important that we put in place changes in our educational system… in order to exist in harmony with the cosmos.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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