“How Do We Awaken”

It’s talked about in all the spiritual texts that this world that we live in is not real. And now we have science saying that we live in some sort of virtual reality.  Something that’s not real but at the same time it’s very real to us while we live in this reality. But how do we awaken?


In the Course in Miracles it says “When you have been caught in a world of perception you are caught in a dream.”

Pramahansa Yogananda said: “Maya is the veil of transitoriness in Nature, the ceaseless becoming of creation; the veil that each man must lift in order to see behind it the Creator, the changeless Immutable, eternal Reality.”

We get caught up in the reality of this unreality and thus we seem to think that this flesh and blood body and the world around us are the only reality there is. But as it has been said in all the spiritual texts— “All of this shall pass away.” It is only those things which are eternal, those things which are part of the omnipresent love that goes on forever.

Take for instance those who have had near death experiences, 90% of them have some type of positive experience where they move towards the light and end up seeing some kind of angelic beings or some relative or friend who helps them through their experience. At some point they have a life review and look at everything from the perspective of total truth, and they have to take in all the pain and suffering or joy and happiness they created for others. And at the same time they are told to go back… because their purpose has not been fulfilled. And every single one of them new without a doubt that their body was not real, it was something that was given to them to use and care for… but it was not the reality of who they were deep down inside.

And what about those who have a group near death experience? Someone in the hospital who is dying with a group of friends gather round them, and all of them go through the the same near death experience as the one passing away. Seeing exactly what the dying person is going through as they move through the tunnel of light, see the angelic beings, and more.

Perhaps to awaken all we have to do is love. Love that which exists outside of this transitory realm of maya, the material realm, and everything in it as the illusion. To love with all our heart God, the Universe, and Great Spirit which is all pervading, all knowing, and goes on forever.

That great power which we are part of… “I AM THAT I AM”.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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