“We are the Catalyst of Entangled Matter”

It’s said that nothing that’s not a reality can cause a lack of peace, and that everything is real in it’s own way. What does that mean?


If we believe in something we make it real. Take for instance science has proven the existence of entangled matter and that entangled matter can change over huge distances. And thus we are one body and all our cells interact with one another and that means we are entangled matter. And thus if we have a belief that something is true it changes every single cell in our body. And that means that even if that belief is really not true… that untruth becomes a truth because we believe it to be true. And because we are connected to everyone else in society we are a catalyst for that particular truth to be spread throughout the world as entangled matter.

It’s kind of like Columbus sailing across the ocean, almost everyone thought the world was flat and thus his ship would fall off the earth. And thus an untruth became a truth, and that truth was believed by everyone and thus everyone had fear about sailing off into the sunset. In this day and age we know that flying across the ocean is no big deal, and we don’t have any fear of falling off the earth.

Could it be that the only untruth is fear itself? Fear can be created, fear is not our normal state, we are normally relax and don’t like being stressed to the max. That truth becomes our truth until it is proven not to be a truth. But an untruth is something that creates fear, fear that we are wrong, fear that we might fail, fear that something might go wrong. All off these fears are wrapped up into protecting the reality of this body, this flesh and blood, this idea that we are these cells.

But what if we knew that we are not our body, thus what we believed to be true is not true at all. That’s exactly what we have happening to people right now, and that’s exactly what happened to all the great avatars, saints, and gurus around the world. They knew for a fact that they were not this body but consciousness that went on forever. And right now we are in this interim time between the change of entangled matter. It only takes a split second for entangled matter to change. And during the eons of time that the universe has existed our perception are just that… a blinking of an eye… the eye of God, the Universe, and Great Spirit.

We are in the mists of change, we are opening up to a new reality for everyone and when that happens everything will change for good… we are the catalyst.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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